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92177 HORTICULTURAL CHARCOAL A must for any terrarium. This charcoal, when layered beneath your growing medium will improve drainage and absorb harmful impurities in containers with or without drainage holes. Delivered to you in a 24 Oz. bag. Shipping Costs only 1.00 more if ordered with a Terrarium Collection or any of the Terrarium plants on our Terrarium Pages.r $ 9.95

99085 SOILLESS POTTING MIX HOBBY BAG This is the mix we use exclusively--unlike most on the market this does not quickly break down into soggy mass eliminating all oxygen at the root surfaces. Due to variable moisture levels the weight may vary somewhere between 8 to 10 pounds. Shipping Costs only 1.00 more if ordered with a Terrarium Collection or any of the Terrarium plants on our Terrarium Pages. $ 9.50

99084 SPHAGNUM MOSS HOBBY BAG SMALL A modest 10 x 6 x 3" plastic bag of long fiber moss. We stock the large bale size also (call or write for quote on current charges). Shipping Costs only 1.00 more if ordered with a Terrarium Collection or any of the Terrarium plants on our Terrarium Pages. $ 3.95

99599 SPHAGNUM MOSS HOBBY BAG LARGE A larger 12 x 8 x 6" plastic bag of long fiber moss. We stock the large bale size also (call or write for quote on current charges). Shipping Costs only 1.00 more if ordered with a Terrarium Collection or any of the Terrarium plants on our Terrarium Pages. $ 10.95

99033 FIR BARK HOBBY BAG A modest 12 x 8 x 8 plastic bag of chipped bark with perlite added so that you can easily uppot or repot your Orchids or other epiphytic plants. Call for quote on other sizes or mixes. Shipped postage included. Shipping Costs only 1.00 more if ordered with a Terrarium Collection or any of the Terrarium plants on our Terrarium Pages. $ 9.50

52207 ABROMETIELLA CHLORANTHA [DEUTEROCOHNIA] BRO HP TGH PRICE: $ 5.00Tidy compact carpets of multiple rosette heads of grayish green--each crowded succulent leathery leaflet tipped with a somewhat flexible spine & lined with teeth. Green flowered bromel from rocky exposed areas of Argentina making a wonderful accent plant in any succulent collection or as a base for a caudiform bonsai. Recently creating a stir among those of you who enjoy creating whimsical topiaries. An excellent addition to the design of any succulent wreath you are creating.

52259 ABROMETIELLA LORENTZIANA [DEUTEROCOHNIA] BRO HP TGH PRICE: $ 12.00Smooth-edged succulent leaves, spine tipped, with dull glossed silvery leather surfaces packed in tight elongated rosettes branching to form extensive rine gray hard edged sadistic cushions. Whew! Small green bromel beaked blossoms in tidy clusters; native to rock crevices of Argentina. Daunting.
81484 ACORUS GRAMINEUS DWARF ARAC HH PRICE: $ 4.50 Fast clustering miniature selection with taller foliage than pusillus, while individual blades are elegantly slim in the overlapping foliar fans--much used as a bonsai companion. As with all the gramineus cultivars, this must be kept evenly moist in order to maintain lustrous foliage . . . and thus a perfect denizen for your terrarium.

30549 ACORUS GRAMINEUS DWARF HIMEMASAMUME ARAC HP HT PRICE: $ 15.00 Interlacing ranks of short swpictures/ord-shaped glossy-grass leaves, each striped on its inner edge, form remarkable 4" cushions. Most certainly the prize cultivar of the species, this quite rare Japanese selection of this winter hardy "Sweetflag" is also beautiful as a gem in any small terrarium design. An extremely choice minature which must be kept moist at all times.

30724 ACORUS GRAMINEUS MINIMUS AUREUS ARAC HP TERR PRICE: $ 4.50 Marvelous small tufts of bright golden chartreuse fans of tiny flat leaf blades; wonderful in small undrained containers; very showy golden tuffet in a terrarium as well.

10004 ADIANTUM CAPILLUS-VENERIS POLYP CGH HP PRICE: $ 7.00 Lovely "Venus Maidenhair" with short maroon stems bearing clouds of ovate-triangular pinnae; partial to lime, does well in terrariums and in any moist, cool conditions. This is the species form of the "Southern Maidenhair" which typically goes dormant in the greenhouses here, but seems to maintain fronds all year in a stable terrarium--if it goes dormant, simply trim off the old foliage and soon observe a new flush of frond emerge.

10009 ADIANTUM HISPIDULUM POLYP CGH HP PRICE: $ 5.50 "Australian Maidenhair." Forked horn-like fronds emerge red pink on top of the wiry black stems. Forms an attractive slowly increasing mound. Reliable if kept evenly moist and cool; demands quite bright light and sweet soil to thrive--when you lightly lime the other Adiantums, avoid dusting this species with lime. We stock selections of this easily grown but dainty appearing "Maidenhair" with pinkish hued new pinnae. Seems more tolerant of low humidity than other species but still happy in a typical terrarium climate.

10011 ADIANTUM MACROPHYLLUM POLYP CGH HP PRICE: $ 12.50 This is placed in the terrarium plants section for larger terrariums. New for 2012 . A Maidenhair of interest like the "Adianutm peruvianum" with larger leaflets and distinct structure. This stays shorter and is of ineterest yearround. Short-statured. Large fluted leaflets reddish maroon at first, then fading to silvery green. Very interesting.

10013 ADIANTUM MICROPHYLLUM LITTLE LADY HP POLYP PRICE: $ 15.00 "Lace Maidenhair." Delicate divided fronds of pale green. We will ship very tiny plants because this is an extremely tiny cultivar. There is some delicate edging on the leaves of this plant. This is good for terrariums because of its size. We have new stock of this at this time.

11626 ADIANTUM RADDIANUM FRAGRANTISSIMUM POLYPO CGH TERR HP PRICE: $ 5.50 Elegant arching blackish stems accent the dark narrow fans of this heirloom "Fragrant Maidenhair Fern"--Not quite the challenge as a houseplant that some of its fussier cousins are--and quite wonderful in any terrarium composition.

10016 ADIANTUM RADDIANUM FRITZ LUTHII POLYP PRICE: $ 6.50 Sturdy habit with a windswept aspect as fronds radiate from the central creeping rhizome. Beautiful elongated pinnae {fronds) are thickly spaced to give a shingled, layered effect always giving this a distinctive highly decorative appearance if given ample space to expand into as becomes much larger than the following "Maidenhair Fern".

11651 ADIANTUM RADDIANUM PACOTTI POLYPO CGH TERR PRICE: $ 8.00 A small form of the "Maidenhair Fern" with erect quite compact fronds congested with sometimes overlapping deeply lobed segments shaped like teardrops, which are often further lobed. Fertile form perfect in a wardian case and even petite enough to become the highlight of a smaller terrarium unlike most of its tribe.

20102 ALSOBIA [EPISCEA] DIANTHIFLORA GES HP TERR TGH PRICE: $4.50 "Carpet Violet: Excellent small species quickly creates a low carpet of shimmery leaves puncuated by very lacy white flowers. Prefers cooler temperatures and brighter light than its Episcia cousins. Typically sent in moist moss. For warmer conditions typical of most terrarium climates we suggest Episcias as heat lovers.

42125 ALTERNANTHERA CHRISTMAS TREE [HANSOTI #5] AMARA HP TERR TGH PRICE: $ 7.00 Very tiny leaved selection with grayish green foliage thickly held in petite conical mounds. Marvelous very small plants with congested curved leaves nonetheless are stalwart growers; absolutely marvelous in any terrarium landscape--no one will guess the genus of this elfin critter. We will send this slow growing charmer with several sets of leaves--we never seem to have enough. At times our supply can be low.

54603 ALTERNANTHERA FICOIDEA GREEN MACHINE AMARA HP TGH PRICE: $ 3.75 Very low carpeting "Puckered Parrot" with clusters of wide very quilted deep green leaves accented with small white straw textured bracts tucked among the foliage year 'round. Much used at Disney World for its richly toned dimpled flat leaves are perfect in the topiary gardens; also popular as a "dot" plant in tropical trough designs, but at its happiest as a lustrous deep green slowly carpeting groundcover in a terrarium.

58461 ALTHERNANTHERA FICOIDEA RED BITSY AMAR TGH HP PRICE: $ 4.50 The truly "Miniature Calico Plant" with tiny elongated maroon and purpled red leaf pairs tightly packed on branching erect stemlets--forming tuffets of redish bronze in full sun. Forms a wide tightly growing mound without pinching and thus a good terrarium plant evcn though the color will be far less intense in this shaded environment.

41926 ALTERNANTHERA FICOIDEA WHITE CARPET AMARA HP TERR TGH PRICE: $ 5.00 Very congested flattened buns of lovely tiny puckered leaves brightly margined bold white. Incredible Indian cultivar famous for fooling plant show judges who cannot believe this is cousin to the "Calico/ Parrot" tribe! The most successful way to introduce a patch of pure ivory white in your terrarium or tropical trough.

56739 BEGONIA BIPINNATIFIDA [HYB] BEG HP TGH PRICE: $ 9.75 Available now for the Fall Season. "Fernleaf Begonia" Distinctive and beautiful. Multitudes of small deeply-lobed purplish blushed leaves on forests of upright stems. Astounding in a wardian case. This sometimes can be out of stock. This year we are trying to keep it more available. It cannot stand extreme heat in the summer so thus a challenge, although completely unique..

56387 BEGONIA KEN'S KANDY [HYB] BEG HP CGH PRICE: $ 6.00 (rz) A well known hybrid by Ken Frieling at the Glasshouse Works. "Celery Stalk" mimic as the thick blanched erect petioles flare into double Ionic helixes of quite small but wide deep olive leaves nearly entirely netted deep chocolate-sienna; very congested habit typical of many recent 'Hocking Hybrid' series. Tolerant of low humidity, this has become a very popular terrarium subject. Looks complicated and difficult, but this vigorous tuffett is of easy culture.

56077 BEGONIA MASONIANA BEG TERR CGH PRICE: $ 6.50 (rz) Now again available for 2012 . "Iron Cross Begonia" Puckered quilted leaf surface with maroon chocolate central cross--the entire bullate leaf being reddish haired. A New Guinea native prefering terrarium humidity where it will produce its clusters of greenish white haired blossoms; not easily grown as a windowsill subject without pebbletray culture. Never give up if the "Iron Cross" foliage suddenly dries and disappears, random mini-dormancies are the norm (even in the greenhouse)--the succulent surface rhizomes will soon produce a new set of its remarkably beautiful leaves when its environment improves. If you need positive feedback on your prowess as a beginning Begonia grower, this is not a good selection for your first, second or third subject--once your growing skills are honed, try the ever tempting "Iron Cross," otherwise, you might consider yourself as nailed to a very stiff challenge.

65336 BEGONIA WITHLACOOCHEE [HYB] BEG HP TGH PRICE: $ 5.00 [trailing-scandent] Lovely elongated softly pelted rich green leaves, with soft ochre radiating veins. overlap on the cascading stems; white winter flowers most elegant. Very attractive delicate appearance, yet impressive as a terrarium carpeting plant even though a bit vigorous for some!

41953 BREYNIA DISTICHA NANA EUP CGH HP PRICE: $ 10.00 Marvelous "Dwarf Snowbush" with oval green & white "Foliage Flower" leaves on zig-zagging stems. Very lovely miniature form with stronger color contrast (plus pinkish when cool); very sought after for "mame" subject in Asia==but our customers have discovered this to be equally charming as a miniature "tree" in a terrarium design.

20643 CHIRITA DIANE MARIE [HYB] GES TGH TERR PRICE: $ 6.25 Strikingly beautiful houseplant forming a rumpled rosette like posie of thick jadelike silver surfaced leaves with pewter line and serrate margins; many nodding lavender slipper flowers with flared mouth revealing maroon lines and lemon throat. The foliage is succulent and easily broken or crushed when being moved.

20463 CHIRITA SINENSIS HISAKO [HYB] GES HP TERR PRICE: $ 4.50 Flared rosette of very succulent serrated leaves richly traced with silver, from which rise stout stems with soft lavender pouched flaring blossoms of considerable substance. Handsome Nakayama hybrid more free-flowering than species clones. Certainly one of the easiest of all houseplants, equally at home in the windowsill, terrarium, or greenhouse/plantroom--but most smashingly splendid when grown under lights. When customers "cut down" on the number of their pet houseplants, this is never tossed out!
40115 CHLOROPHYTUM BICHETII [LAXUM] LIL HP TGH PRICE: $ 6.75 False Lily Turf" Marvelous tufts of small arching blades margined in ivory white; good in low light; from Gabon. "Pongol" has become a great favorite with terrarium fanciers as it maintains its petite tightly clumping tuffet outline to provide a welcome white banded foil to flashier companions. This belongs in the short "Toy Category" of the tribe as it reliably slowly clumps, never throwing out long arching shoots with plantlets. Its tuberous roots insure its survival should its human experience lapses in watering.

41074 CISSUS STRIATA VIT CGH HH $ 6.00 "Miniature Grape Ivy" Red shoots unfurl into wheel-shaped compound lvs bronze-green with pale veins heightened by the contrasting rich sienna to violet underleaf; Chilean species known as Vitis orientalis! Could be considered hardy in the deep South; tends to rest mid-winter, even in the greenhouse; nonetheless, seems evergreen in the unchanging climate of a terrarium.

10204 COLYSIS WRIGHTII POLYP HP CGH PRICE: $ 6.75 Very compact deep green strap fronds with tiny depressions on surface like hammered tin. Very attractive slow growing small fern equally successful as a windowsill pot plant (looks great in a small bonsai pot as the wiry maroonish rhizomes wander over the lip) and as a small statured vertical accent in the sophisticated terrarium. Delicate appearance, yet easy to grow.

11431 COLYSIS WRIGHTII MONSTRIFERA POLYP CGH TERR PRICE: $ 9.25 Short glossy membraneous fronds, elaborately veined, widely fluted into undulant tips like an Art Nouveau fantasy. This tassled rare dwarf is petite enough to be perfect in a terrarium, yet quite able to cope with humidity levels of the windowsill or litegarden. Always one of the most popular dwarf ferns we offer--it looks difficult to grow, but is not. Certainly the most Lalique of any plants. A tostled basic as the centerpiece in many terrarium designs.

52254 CRYPTANTHUS ACAULIS BRO HP TGH PRICE: $ 4.00 Common "Earth Star" of dusky gray tones forming tidy gradually mounding attractive rosettes with their starry "hidden" flowers. Silver grey foliage not colorful like its cousin Cryptanthus. Perfect in any terrarium design needing a subtlely colored tuffet.

53393 CRYPTANTHUS ACAULIS JADE BRO HP TGH PRICE: $ 5.00 A very broad version of C. acaulis with pale overlaid light green leaves. As with others in this group, perfect in any terrarium design.

52065CRYPTANTHUS BIVITTATUS BRO HP TGH PRICE: $ 4.75 Chocolate markings amid red and pink and thus sometimes among those cultivars sold as "Chocolate Soldier"--always a basic for the small terrarium.

53297 CRYPTANTHUS BIVITTATUS LE REY BRO HP TGH PRICE: $ 8.00 Light green stars with pink edges. Perennial favorite among collectors (and similar to or the same as 'Novistar' in our experience); as with others in this group, perfect in any terrarium design.

52303 CRYPTANTHUS BIVITTATUS PINK STARLITE BRO HP TGH PRICE: $ 7.50 A vibrant pink and white to cream striped beauty. As with others in this group, perfect in any terrarium design.

52067 CRYPTANTHUS BIVITATTUS RUBY BRO HP TGH PRICE: $ 5.00 A C. bivitattus with the vibrant color of dark ruby red. One of the most popular at the greenhouses always. As with others in this group, perfect in any terrarium design.

52315 CRYPTANTHUS MARION OPPENHEIMER [HYB] BRO HP TGH PRICE: $8.25 Leaves of rich sage green with very showy bright pink stripes in compact congested rosettes--unique and beautiful--which slowly but steadily form perfect hemispheres of color in the terrarium. Grows too slowly to compete with others; so locate carefully. Collectors agree that this is indeed the most stunningly beautiful of the variegated "Starflowers." Perhaps the best selection from the various "Starflowers" for the quite petite terrarium as maintains a very small footprint even as an older plant.

52081 CRYPTANTHUS NUBICOLA [hort] BRO HP TGH PRICE: $ 4.75 "Cloud Plant" Lovely dwarf with masses of hazy-pink narrow leaves in quite flat profiled rosettes gradually offsetting from the center after blooming; a natural for the small terrarium.

52087 CRYPTANTHUS UNDULATUS BRO HP TGH PRICE: $ 4.25 Very compact species with cardboardish leaf edges quite ruffled; eventually forms mounding tuffets with a "taller" profile than most "Earthstars" of petite habit--and this one stays petite.

41376 CUPHEA HYSSOPIFOLIA LINDA DOWNER LYT HP TGH PRICE: $ 5.00 Compact laterally-branching cultivar of "Dwarf Hawaiian Heather" selected at Downer's Greenhouses with sprays of pure white flowers; the perfect companion for the purple flowered `compacta.' Good flowering indoor bonsai subject--successful as a terrarium subject if pruned on occasion.

41333 CUPHEA HYSSOPIFOLIA PALEST PINKIE LYT HP TGH PRICE: $ 5.00 A delicate color selection of the reliable "Hawaiian Heather" (a native of Guatemala, naturally) with very pale lilac ever blooming flowers on arched stems. In great demand.

42209 CUPHEA HYSSOPIFOLIA YATSUBUSA LYT HP PRICE: $ 5.25 Foliage larger, lilac flowered color more intense than the more elegant 'Compacta', yet keeps lateral low growth habit; as this selection grows rapidly, it may be of more interest to wardian case designers.

59195 CYPERUS FERTILIS CYP HP CGH PRICE: $ 7.00 Marvelously cute member of the Papyrus forming small flat rosettes of many wide quilted pastel almond leaves A quite short miniature species from whose centers arise arched stolons with skirts of new dangling cute viviparous rosettes--the "Spider Plant" of "Umbrella Sedges"--especially popular as a "darling" terrarium subject with its wee skirt of new viviparus babies encircling mommy spidersedge.

60051 DISCHIDIA OVATA ASC TGH $ 9.25 "Brooch Leaf Hoya" One of the best looking small vines we offer. Needs warmer temperatures; thus, best as a house plant. Small thick jade lvs ash green with purple edges and translucent milky-ivory veins accented by bunches of cinnamon-ribbed ocher "blimp" fls. Beautiful vine.


41919 DIZYGOTHECA ELEGANTISSIMA MARGINED RIM ARAL TGH HP PRICE: $ 6.25 Marvelous selection of "False Aralia" with each threadlike metalic segment of the palmate lvs margined soft pink when emerges, soon fading to a pale cream. Needs pruning to encourage juvenile foliage. Now Schefflera elegantissima

40209 DORSTENIA TURNERAEFOLIA MOR HP TGH PRICE: $ 8.00 Shiny deep green elm-shaped leaves and ray-less round purple receptacles on glossy maroon tubercular stems; low light prefered to keep rich dark sheened foliage color. Perhaps same as Dorstenia bahiensis (Sucre), even though the sap is a remarkable orange! Excellent house plant; vigorous terrarium plant.

41880 DURANTA ERECTA [SPECIOSA] AUREO-MEDIA VER HP TGH PRICE: $ 5.25 Unusual "Lemon Drop" clone of "Skyflower" with each small leaf center splashed golden ochre. Freely produced white blossoms. Excellent twiggy small foliaged subject for small statured tropical bonsai as can be easily trained in lateral directions, yet beautiful also as a showoff terrartium treelet although a pruning may be necessary if it likes your perfect enviroment too well.

42142 DURANTA SPECIES DWARF VER TGH HP PRICE: $ 5.00 Hansoti #26; possibly an extreme dwarf clone of D. repens (although Botanists now suggest that all are species erecta--bit of a contrast?), with tiny sprays of lilac flowerlets if it is happy.

40237 ELEOCHARIS RADICANS DWARF CYP CGH PRICE: $ 5.00 "Nut Grass" Rich green 1" tufts of glossy spikes tipped with tiny decorative seedheads; much used as base for bonsai. Great tufted plant for multiple uses creating a perfect wee "Lawn" in designs for bright terrariums.


Flame Violets are shipped June through the first of October..

Episcea often bloom beautifully during the winter especially under lights.

The Flame Violets below are the one we expect to have available this Fall. When the warmer weather, things always change. If you cannot keep your temps consistently above 58 degree Fahrenheit, then do not try them. We are working to introduce again a group of Episcea that we have not offered for a while. We have the following for shipment in the spring. If you have keep these under lights or in a good window, Flame Violets can bloom all winter long.

99704 COLLECTION: EPISCEA (THE FLAME VIOLETS) ARAC HP TG PRICE: $ 22.50 If you want to start a collection of these wonderfully patterns African Violet relatives, order this collection for 5 strong growers. Remember these are shipped during warm weather only.

Click Here to see the full listing of Flame Violet (Episcea) cultivars available for 2010

67133 EUPHORBIA LEUCONEURAEUP HP TGH TER PRICE: $ 5.75 "Madagascar Jewel" Beautiful fleshy foliage veined in decorative silver loops in juvenile stages, presented in flat rosette tops over central club-like trunks ridged in sienna tufts. So tolerant it will even flourish in the humidity of a terrarium. Mature plants typically lack the distinctive leaf veins. Check before ordering for availability can be an issue as this is often profiled on succulent plant blogs.

58487 FICUS MICROPHYLLA NEW DWARF MOR HP TGH $ 12.00 "Dwarf Tiger Bark Fig" Excellent bonsai with short, branching trunk and very dwarf leaves; excellent as a standard; perfect as a tropical bonsai; but also perfect for terrarium culture. We do have limited availability at this time and more in the spring.

94028 FICUS PUMILA [REPENS] MOR HP TGH CGH PRICE: $ 4.00 The famous "Creeping Fig" with clasping stems covered by overlapping small dark oval leaves much valued as can be used in topiary, terrariums, wall covers, hanging baskets. Yes, this is the remarkable wall cover used so dramatically and beautifully at Longwood Gardens. The basic dependable plant for covering any terrarium surface.

40289 FICUS PUMILA [REPENS] MINIMA MOR HP CGH TER PRICE: $ 4.25 "Quilted Creeping Fig" lovely tiny puckered leaves; miniatured dimpled form of a miniature species--the clasping stems tend to be utterly plastered against whatever it is busily covering. The best choice for covering the base surface of any tropical bonsai as prefers to flatten itself to the contour of the surface and has very small leaves. This is much prized by designers of small terrariums as the habit remains quite prostrate unlike its more gravity defying cultivar cousins. But remember, this is much slower growing than the other cultivars of pumila.

41881 FICUS PUMILA [REPENS] SNOWFLAKE MOR HP TERR PRICE: $ 4.75 Beautiful "Snowflake Fig" forms an overlapping mat made of irregularly lobed small glossy leaves with showy marginal bands of bright clear white. Show stopper in any terrarium design--known in Europe as 'Arina' or 'White Sunny.'

58486 FITTONIA VERSCHAFELTII ARGYRONEURA AUTUMN FLAME (FOREST FLAME) ACAN TERR HP PRICE: $ 8.50 This will be ready for shipping in early November, 2012 . Great new introduction. This selection of "Pink Snakeskin Plant" features the bright pinkish to red fishnet pattern on a very miniature plant and miniature leaves. Great for the terrarium enthusiast.

50019 FITTONIA VERSCHAFELTII ARGYRONEURA STRIPES FOREVER ACAN TERR TGH PRICE: $5.75 "Nerve Plant" cultivar with the bright white network of veins elongated as are the stretched elongated tiny leaves--must have high humidity to thrive. Unusual stretched fishnet patterns on the prostrate foliage make this a favorite for terrarium designers. We can only send this during the warmest months of the year. If you order this during winter months, please be advised that we cannot ship this until late April at the earliest. Darker cultivars travel better in cooler weather and can be shipped during a wider span of time.

68485 FITTONIA VERSCHAFFELTII DARK STAR ACA HP TERR PRICE: $ 6.75 Well, "Of All the Nerve Plants" with stunning new leaves emerging dark pink narrowed thick edged leaves in emerald green, the foliage gradually maturing to green with mosaic veins.

58365 FITTONIA VERSCHAFELTII VARIEGATA ACAN TERR TGH PRICE: $ 6.50 A cultivar of the larger leaved form of "White Nerve Plants" with clearly defined margines similar to the smaller variegated form above. Works well in a Wardian case or under grow lights. See thumbnails. Often sold out, but availalble again for Spring 2012

59180 FUCHSIA ENCLIANDIA LOTTIE HOBBIE ONA CGH HHPRICE: $ 5.25 Very tiny foliaged arched stems with bright tiny dark pink & cerise flowers along their length; very miniature selection reputed to be winter hardy at least to Z7. Very popular with the bonsai & alpine greenhouse crowds! Petite enough for a terrarium--but be careful of warmth combined with high humidity if used in a terrarium design. We prefer to ship this when the temperatures are moderate for sometimes it does not travel well without considerable leaf drop--a perfectly natural plant response to seasoned plantsmen, but an unnerving crisis to those new to growing. Naturally, it immediately leafs out just like most Pelargoniums after having survived the shock of a few days in a dark box. If you order this, be aware that we can ship this only at certain times of the year.

40321 GARDENIA JASMINOIDES RADICANS FLOREPLENO RUB HP CGH PRICE: $ 5.00 "Dwarf Gardenia" Low shrub with tidy glossy dark green leaves paired on much-branched stems to beautifully frame lovely fragrant double white blooms; unlike florist types, this produces a few fls at a time, but throughout the year. Easy as a wide statured terrarium plant; excellent as a low statured bonsai subject developing excellent bark and maintaining petite blackish green foliage, both important characteristics for such an undertaking.

42004 GARDENIA JASMINOIDES RADICANS MARGINED RUB HP CGH PRICE: $ 18.00 Marvelous "Margined Mini Gardenia" Low petite shrub, which prefers a cool winter location, aflutter with small narrow waxy leaves, each boldly bordered waxy ivory white; lovely hauntingly fragrant white rose shaped blossoms.

, 50027 GYMNOSTACHYUM CEYLANICUM ACAN TERR TGH PRICE: $ 6.25 "Ceylon Plant" Choice miniature of low habit with dark green laquered leaves pewter veined and ribbed white. A treasure from Shri Lanka considerably smaller than its Latin name.

40329 HAEMARIA DISCOLOR DAWSONIANA ORC HP TERR PRICE: $ 12.50 Available once again. Many of our customers have enjoyed this in terrariums. "Jewel Orchid" Black leaves veined in coral; fragrant cream mini-orchid fls with pinkish bracts. Best in humid terrarium environments, yet we have observed beautiful old specimens grown on indoor windowsills and splendidly colored, heavily bloomed specimens grown under artifical lights. Also called Ludisia discolor in the older plantbooks.

40330 HAEMARIA DISCOLOR NIGRESCENS ORC HP TER TGH PRICE: $ 15.00 The ebony leaf "Jewel Orchid"--pale scarlet midrib on black or very dark leaves. A special clone of the standard. Best to inquire if plants are ready when ordering.

41166 HEDERA HELIX DUCK FOOT ARAL HP CGH PRICE: $ 4.00 Fantastic tiny mounds of miniature duckfoot-shaped leaves. Use as a tiny tuffet at the base of a bonsai; add to your terrarium, or encourage it over a mini-boulder in your rockery.

41402 HEDERA HELIX MISTY ARAL HP CGH PRICE: $ 6.75 Wide sharply-toothed fan leaves streaked ivory and gray green. Very petite closely overlapping leaves; very slow-growing, flattopped mounded habit. Popular in terrariums as maintains its petite habit, unlike many "Ivy" cultivars.

41399 HEDERA HELIX SPETCHLEY ARAL HT CGH HP PRICE: $ 5.00 "Gnome Ivy" Very tiny triangular round lobed arrowhead outlined leaves of blackish green thickly shingled on slim dark stems, maroon when young, heading in very straight lines, but branching at most nodes when in a brightly lit situation; very winter hardy selection from Spetchley Park in England. Extremely popular as even older established vines still maintain the very reduced foliage. Excellent on mossed topiary forms, newly popular in terrariums even though this tiny fellow may not retain its deep color in this environment.

58490 HEDERA HELIX TINY HUSSLER ARAL HP CGH PRICE: $ 6.00 Dimunitive and self branching tuffet of tiny round lobed three dimensional leave. Lacks stem and creates tumbling growth

54504HEDERA HELIX WILLIE ARAL HP CGH PRICE: $ 5.75 Girard Nursery's name for this sophisticated "Bonsai Ivy" with each tiny deeply cut leather leaf segment (typically five lobes) entwined short stems studded with foliaged spur growths. Very small tuffets develop--thus a terrarium favortire as well.

41030 HELXINE SOLEIROLII URT TGH HP PRICE: $ 4.00 "Baby Tears" Mossy mat of tiny dewdrop leaves; tiny green flowers; European name, "Corsican Curse" indicates origin. Needs humidity. Often used for bonsai groundcover for plants that are kept evenly moist. Works in a terrarium to a fault.

50030 HEMIGRAPHIS (ALTERNATA ?) EXOTICA [HORT] ACA HP TGH PRICE: $ 3.00 "Waffle Plant" Shiny maroon marginally rolled leaves extremely quilted and seriously puckered and paired on red stems rooting at each node. Even flourishes as an aquatic plant!

50031 HEMIGRAPHIS EXOTICA VARIEGATA [HORT] ACAN HP TGH PRICE: $ 5.25 "Variegated Waffle Plant" the oval puckered metallic-purpled pairs of leaves, each with an attractively rolled margin, are splotched with straw yellow; wonderful as the furled margins reveal the wine-red underleaf.

50033 HEMIGRAPHIS RED EQUATOR [SP] ACAN HP TGH PRICE: $ 4.50 "Baby Waffle" Slightly puckered, purple grape-sized leaves on miniature creeping stems creating extensive lovely low mats and thus quite popular as a Terrarium subject and as a basic for mossed topiary.

59397 HEMIGRAPHIS REPANDA ACAN HP TGH PRICE: $ 4.75 "Narrow Leaf Flame Ivy" Metallic purplish papery narrow leaves in attractive trailing clumps; odd papery tan flowers. "Dragon Flame Creeper" newly popular as a lovely Terrarium subject lending a lacy visual.

10460 HEMIONITIS ARIFOLIA POL TER PRICE: PRICE: $15.00  PRICE: $8.50 "Strawberry Fern" Felted tri-lobed fronds form a rosette of lovely small stature; plantlets form in center of fronds. Demands high humidity; abhors high temperatures.This will do well as a terrarium plant. We have good stock for a while, so for now and the first of 2012 we have a special price!

40388IMPATIENS MINI-HAWAIIAN HAWAII [HYB] BAL PRICE: $ 4.50 Very tight mounds with ivory & rich rose purple bicolor blossoms with elfin spurs in beautiful clusters completely covering the lovely wee leaves so delecately designed. Always a favorite in windowboxes and urns, but also a strong performer indoors with litegardeners and newly popular with terrarium designers.

40389 IMPATIENS MINI-HAWAIIAN KAUAI BAL HP TGH TER PRICE: $ 5.50 Tiny erect mounds of sometimes crested stems carry solid lavender- purple flowers (sometimes listed as "rose"); vigorous. Especially valuable for willing winter flowers and now found in the terrarium combinations of the more daring zeitgiest designers.

41424 IMPATIENS MINI-HAWAIIAN KAHOOLAWE BAL HP TGH TER PRICE: $ 4.50 Totally new color break from Glasshouse Works hybridizing program: marvelous mini bright red (on the orange side) flowers freely produced on the miniature yet superbious plants.

50041 JUSTICIA EXTENSA ACAN HP TGH PRICE: $ 4.75 "Camouflage Plant" Zaire native with erect stems completely covered by small leaves patterned ash-silver; clusters of tiny weird horned blossoms are quite intriguing. Modest, yet beautiful foliage houseplant deserving more popularity. Properly pruned, this is small statured enough to give height in a larger terrarium or Wardian Case where its lovely foliage designs can be displayed to advantage.

20172 KOHLERIA FLIRT [HYB] GES TERR TGH PRICE: $ 6.25 Worley's compact hybrid has best habit of Kohlerias--mounds of turquoise-blue downy leaves, with purple veins, strikingly foil the soft red tubular blossoms with cerise dots. Handsome terrarium plant; thrives under light gardening conditions where it seldom goes dormant for long periods as most Kohleria species and hybrids do--but be warned that we will not ship this if dormant and we most certainly will not ship this during the cooler/colder months of the year. If you do order this, please be advised that you order will not be shipped before late April when we can trust that this will arrive safely.

40641 MARANTA REPENS [HORT] MAR HP TGH PRICE: $ 6.00 "Miniature Prayer Plant" Moss green demure leaves attractively brushed with chocolate "Rabbit Tracks"; reliable, although shy to exhibit its pale mauve dancing skirted flowers with their purple eyelash lines. Petite enough for terrarium culture. Please allow for some time when ordering this plant, as we propagate per order. If you need your terrarium order immediately, do not order this plant! Unlike its larger breathern, this species will NOT be rushed no matter what growing techniques we use.

47139 MIMOSA PUDICA LEGUM TGH HP PRICE: $ 8.50 This is not necessarily a terrarium plant, but many people like to buy this for their kids, so I am putting it here (one of our most looked at pages). This is seasonal, so it should be available from May through the middler of summer. Check this out. This is your childhood "Sensitive Plant" with upright prickly stems from which angle out pealike bipinnate leaflets which cloes up quickly upon being touched, along with the leaf stalks drooping down along the main stem. This "Humble Plant" of South tropica America eventually produces tiny pale pink stamened powder puff blossoms, given sufficient sun and nutrients. If you cannot find this locally, you can order it from us seasonally, as it is usually available during the warmer months. This is often requested for school projects, or sometimes just for fun.

30285 MONSTERA SILTEPECANA EL SALVADORE ARAC PRICE: $ 4.25 Small bluish toned twisting javelin shaped leaves of waxy texture with darker mosaic of veins are closely "shingled" along the succulent stem which roots as it wanders--juvenile form, small enough for terrarium display, although as tolerant of exposure as any Philodendron scandens cultivar. A great favorite of topiary designers as perfect coloration for the scales of a moss topiary dragon. (Yes, we do have some very unusual customers.) Recently discovered by Terrarium designers who value its dependable small stature--many of its kin start out small but eventually develop large foliage; this species retains its juvenile form.

42156 NASHIA INAGUENSIS VER TGH HP PRICE: $ 6.25 "Bahana Berry" Tiny crinkled fleshy leaves, with lovely mint/verbena fragrance, on rigid much-branched twiglets emerging from woody trunks--perfect tropical bonsai; the orange berries (following petite verbenia-shaped cream flowers) add that distincly vanilla flavor to Moujean tea. Also used in topiary as the flexible stems will follow the contours of any moss filled wire form or driftwood surface and the tiny leaves remain shingled on the surface--and thus also a favorite with terrarium designers always searching for a miniature "tree" mimic small enough for their needs. Never let this dry out or face the horrible truth of terminal dormancy. We prefer to ship this during warmer months--unless you promise that you will not become hysterical if the foliage drops during shipments in cool conditions (even though they will leaf out easily once in your terrarium).

14009 NEPHROLEPIS CORDIFOLIA BUTTONS [GARRETTII] POLYP HP CGH PRICE: $ 4.00 "Tatting ribbon Fern" Small erect, then somewhat arched fronds with all pinnae reduced to rounded buttons along the rachis! A very fastigate statement in your design.

11649 NEPHROLEPIS CORDIFOLIA HANDY POLYP HP TGH PRICE: $ 6.75 Very dark green mounding "Dwarf Petticoat Fern" with fronds closely ranked with glossy crinkly pinnae; when a frond reaches 6" to 8" it starts to crest by forking and reforking at the tips. Give this little forker good light and keep evenly moist. Excellent houseplant; fabulous conservatory showoff; and yet small enough to be the ikbal of your plant harem in a larger terrarium setting.

41645 OXALIS RIO DE JANERIO [SPECIES AFFINITY TO O. DISPAR] OXA HP TGH PRICE: $ 8.75 Remarkable unidentified collection from the mountain sides of Rio with erect wiry stems topped with thick diamond boat-shaped leaves, in threes, each with shimmering silvery dreamy central variegation. Cute cheerful yellow blossoms, thus the "Goldie Locks" plant perfect for window ledge, under lights, as well as a patio pot plant during the summer. Eventually creating its own miniature "standard" shape on its wiry woody stem unless you pinch the growing tip to encourage branching. A gem for any light gardener; quickly winning over designers of terrarium landscapes as well. Quite a jewel in a terrarium or Wardian Case plant combination. Sometime called Oxalis Silver & Gold.

40715 PANDANUS PYGMAEUS [POLYCEPHALUS] PAN TGH PRICE: $ 10.00 "Pigmy Screwpine" Super plant for indoor bonsai. These are already showing some stilt roots. Branched heads [polycephalus] of arched toothed narrow [graminifolius] leaf blades on sculpturesque angular trunks with multiple stilts. Small-statured. Real one--slow growing enough to remain a rarity always. We have some great looking ones right now. Order right away!

14025 NEPHROLEPIS EXALTATA HUBBARDII POLYP HP TGH PRICE: $ 5.25 A select dwarf clone from Michael Hubbard, larger than 'Wanamaka' but with similar erect bunched habit. Easy houseplant for limited space. Small statured enough for a large terrarium.

41033 PELLIONIA ARGENTEA URT HP TGH TER PRICE: $ 4.00 Formerly P. daveauana viridus; Elatostema repens. Glossy, dimpled olive leaves with neat crimped edges in tidy ovel ranks on creeping succulent pinkish stems; perfect small basket subject (if has good humidity), striking groundcover for the Wardian case or larger terrarium as achieves larger stature than the two following species.

41035 PELLIONIA DAVEAUANA [ELATOSTEMA REPENS] URT HP TGH TERR PRICE: $ 4.00 Reliable "Satin Creeper" from Viet Nam with crisped oval leaves of deep olive marked umber, becoming cupped and dark purple-chocolate with age. Perfect small basket subject or terrarium groundcover. Listed sometimes as "Trailing Watermelon Begonia." Does not ship well during chill part of the year.

41036 PELLIONIA PULCHRA URT HP TGH TER PRICE: $4.25 Called the "Watermelon Patch Vine" because its purple-green grape sized leaves are reticulated with a mosaic of blackish veins; easy miniature hanging basket subject for the shaded greenhouse or terrarium groundcover delight from the humid jungles of Viet Nam. Ships poorly during the cooler months of the year.

53526PEPEROMIA BAMBOO STALKS [SPECIES] PIP HP TGH PRICE: $ 7.25 Temporarily out of stock. Do not order at this time. Bright curved oval one-inch long leaves in two ranks on short erect stems with attractive swollen bamboo-like leaf nodes. Very attractive in tiny bonsai pots; very popular as a tiny upright accent in the small terrarium. This is sometimes in very high demand, so (while we prefer to and usually are able to ship rooted in pots) we sometimes will need to ship as mossed unrooted cuttings if you need this item immediately as it will root dependably (if deliberately) once you situate it in your terrarium.

53533 PEPEROMIA CAMPYLOTROPA PIP TERR TGH PRICE: $ 4.25 "Emerald Isle" or "Brazil" Delightful tuffets of creamy wax pewter leaves with peltate dimples; stature of a tinsy griseo-argentea. Choice dwarf for the terrarium. And the rather hopeless name? Well, it means "Curved Ovule" allowing the micropyle to come quite near the funicle. We assume this is why other plants simply love to have it grow near them in the terrarium.

53538 PEPEROMIA CAPERATA ARGENTEA PIP HP TGH PRICE: $ 6.00 "Silver Ripple" The waxed corrugated leaves solid silver-gray. "Caperata" means wrinkled. Bright cultivar of a favorite houseplant--brightens up any terrarium like a shiny penny.

53566 PEPEROMIA FRASERI [RESEDAEFOLIA] NANA PIP HP TGH PRICE: $ 3.50 Miniature "Flowering Peperomia" clone with glossy jade like small leaves on clumping rosettes sprouting tiny wands of fuzzy blossoms. Without any doubt, we can declare this the most ordered plant for terrarium designs. An easily grown charmer.

53596 PEPEROMIA MERIDANA GER HP CGH PRICE: $ 4.25 "Crazy Quilt Plant" "Pixie" or "Christmas Tree"--the sheer number of popular common names for this winner suggests its popularity. Cheerful upright reddish stems covered with columns of glossy depressed-veined rich green leaves packed so closely as to give a "shingled" effect. Easy.

53629 PEPEROMIA ORBA PIP HP TGH PRICE: $ 3.75 "Princess Astrid" Dwarf-statured with multiple crowns of waxy spoon like leaves--soon forming a charming waxy tuffet; easy tinsy houseplant with unknown origin-- the name "orba" meaning "orphan." A basic for your terrarium companions.

53631 PEPEROMIA ORBA VARIEGATA PIP HP TGH PRICE: $ 5.50 Variegated "Princess Astrid" Each small flat leaf edged in a rich ivory-yellow; short stems are dotted reddish-tan. A more perfect terrarium plant is hard to imagine.

53648 PEPEROMIA REPII PIP HP TGH PRICE: $ 4.50 "Purple Cloud Plant" Low, much-branched purple stems covered with glossy deep toned purple leaves with silver midrib flame; excellent indoor plant of rapid growth; perfect for small hanging baskets; a natural for terrariums. Ever so perfect.

10960 PHYLLITIS [ASPLENIUM] SCOLOPENDRIUM POLYP GH PRICE: $ 8.00 This plant and the crested form below might be better in a larger Wardian Case. It is too large for very small terrariums. Rosette of knife-shaped fronds. Can often be grown outside in a milder clime than ours. This is the famous "Hart's Tongue" fern. We are finally once again offering the crested form below.

10961 PHYLLITIS [ASPLENIUM] SCOLOPENDRIUM CRISTATA POLYP GH PRICE: $ 12.00 This plant might be better in a larger Wardian Case. It is too large for very small terrariums.Rosette of knife-shaped fronds with crested cockscombe tips. Can also often be grown outside in a milder clime than ours. This is the famous "Crested Hart's Tongue" fern or "Cockscomb" fern. The first two pictures show what you will get from our shipping of younger plants. The final pictures show more mature and older plants.

41041 PILEA DEPRESSA URT HP TGH PRICE: $ 4.50 Popularity indicated by multitude of popular names; "Shiny Creeping Charley," "Giant Baby Tears" "Mini Peperomia", by any name an excellent terrarium groundcover easily grown; especially prized for its petite leaves of bright cheerful basil green perfect with all other color tones in your design.

53150 PILEA GLAUCA URT HP TGH PRICE: $ 4.50 Carpeting "Silver Sprinkles" or gray artillery fern--very prostrate much branching stemlets with multitudes of tiny (barely a pea's width) glaucous oval leaves. A fabulous groundcover, perfect for terrariums or for dishgardens--proven in the latter as has proven remarkably tolerant of low humidity. One of the most popular of all terrarium plants, adding a rich luster to any design.

41047 PILEA INVOLUCRATA [SPRUCEANA] URT HP TGH PRICE: $ 3.25 "Panamigra Friendship Plant" Deeply quilted and tucked oval leaves of coppery brown in tight,low clusters enjoying considerable levels of light.

41048 PILEA MICROPHYLLA [CALLITRICHOIDES] URT HP TGH PRICE: $ 3.50 "Artillery Plant" Small, densely branched succulent upright stems arch with tiny "Fern Mimic" teardrop leaves; tiny flowers release pollen in puffs like gunsmoke, thus the common name. Easy to grow critter endlessly popular with children of all ages. Adds a small statured upright aspect to terrarium designs.

41049 PILEA MICROPHYLLA PROSTRATA URT HP TGH PRICE: $ 3.00 "Waterfall Fern" Prostrate succulent stems with tiny watery leaves create a ferny, weeping effect when used in hanging baskets; perfect for terrarium carpet. Due to waxy surfaced tiny leaves, the most tolerant of any finely lacy appearing plant of lower levels of humidity and of higher levels of direct sun.

41051 PILEA PUBESCENS LIEBMANNII SILVER CLOUD URT TERR TGH PRICE: $ 4.25 Beautiful bright, completely silver-pink leaves ruffled and serrated; marvelous striking mounds of thick foliage make this the crown jewel of the Pileas. Brightens up any terrarium design. Cannot be shipped during cooler chill months of the year.

66970 PILEA SERPYLLACEA STOPLIGHT URT TGH HP PRICE: $5.50 The rich green teardrop leaves cluster like pinnae on the steroidal thick stems of the "Mexican Artillery" weighing them down like succulent fern fronds--a giant version of P. microphylla of slow deliberate growth. For collectors with considerable patience. See Procris for a similar succulent nettle.

54351PILEA SP. MOONLIGHT URT TERR TGH PRICE: $ 2.75 Small rounded quilted leaves with central pewter flame; soon forms a soft carpet. In the forgettii complex.

41053 PILEA SPRUCEANA SILVER TREE URT TERR TGH PRICE: $ 3.00 Pointed, serrated chocolate leaves with dual pewter-silver bands; forms self-branching compact mound; a colorful easy addition to terrariums and dish gardens.

11657 POLYPODIUM FALLAX POLYPOD HP CGH PRICE: $12.00 This footed fern is compact but highly crested and somewhat dwarf. It could possibly be a great subject for terrarium colture. It is not the easiest fern to care for, but it is worth teh effort.. It needs a lot of lime, like some of the Maidenhairs do. We have been told it can grow on chalk (but I would not this). Quite unusual.

50057 PSEUDERANTHEMUM SINUATUM [HEMIGRAPHIS REPANDA] ACAN HP TGH PRICE: $ 4.75 "Narrow Leaf Flame Ivy" Metallic purplish papery narrow leaves in attractive trailing clumps; odd papery tan flowers. "Dragon Flame Creeper"

50099 PSEUDERANTHEMUM VAUDEVILLE [SP. HANSOTI #42] ACA TGH HP PRICE: $ 6.25 Beautiful short-statured many stemmed mound of interlaced long narrow leaves of slate green stained blackberry violet and variegated with irregular patches of bright pink. Showy. Pale lavender violet flowers. While most of this genus achieve considerable size, this fabulous dwarf, orignally from India, remains small enough for terrarium designs.

11601 PTERIS CRETICA ALBOLINEATA POLY PRICE: $ 4.25 Wildly winged fingered fronds are each elaborately patterned with pewter white centers; always popular "Victorian Table Fern" as is tolerant of a wide range of temperatures (do NOT freeze) and light intensities. Will make any companion pot glow as if accented by the most elaborate of Victorian doilies.

12232 QUERCIFILIX ZEYLANICUS POLYP CGH TERR PRICE: $ 18.00 Due to high demand currently, we need to accept orders for this very slow growing beauty on a propagate-to-order basis. "Oak Leaf Creeper" Dwarf fern from Ceylon with dimorphic fronds held very low and tight. Terrarium Fern--very slow growing; very shallow wiry roots; must have high levels of humidity and fibrous media. This gem is a collector's excuse to start a Wardian case. Due to high demand currently, we need to accept orders for this very slow growing beauty on a propagate-to-order basis.

58310 SAXIFRAGA CUSCUTAEFORMIS MAROON BEAUTY SAX CGH TERR PRICE: $ 7.50 Wide low rosettes of gray green thick leaves with silvery veins and rosy ruby blush beneath. Lovely carpeting subject (even surviving outdoors in some of our milder winters). Perfect in the larger terrarium.

12912 SAXIFRAGA STOLONIFERA [SARMENTOSA] SAX HP CGH PRICE: $ 8.00 "Strawberry Begonia" or "Creeping Sailor" Flat central rosette of silver-veined leaves, reddish beneath, sends out thread-like runners with new plantlets. Versatile plant although neither related botanically to strawberries nor to Begonias.

40913 SAXIFRAGA STOLONIFERA AUREA SAX HP CGH PRICE: $ 5.50 "Golden Magic Carpet" Round, toothed leaves either solid golden chartreuse or with green-flamed centers when grown in bright light; very beautiful, tho less vigorous than the species. Check availability before ordering.

30400 SCINDAPSIS PICTUS ARGYRAEUS ARAC TGH HP PRICE: $ 4.75 "Satin Pothos" Beautiful leathery matte-green shimmering leaves are brushed with sugary silver. Good houseplant, although a bit slow to start. Foliage leathery enough to survive variable humidity levels, thus remaining among our favorite indoor plants--but be sure this beauty is proctected from chill. Currently enjoying much popularity as a star in a terrarium designs.

40916 SCIRPUS CERNUUS [ISOLEPIS GRACILIS] CYP HP CGH PRICE: $ 4.25 "Electric Grass" or "Fountain Bullrush" Perfect miniature tufts of translucent pendant green thread leaves tipped with bright straw-white bracts not unlike a mop of fiber optics! Must have constant moisture to thrive. Equally successful as an aquatic tub subject or a tuffet in a terrarium, or a mane in moss topiary; somewhat hardy in the very deep south.

11468 SELAGINELLA BRAZIL [SPECIES] SEL HP CGH PRICE: $18.00 "Brazillian Clubmoss" Arched wiry caulescent 10" stems branch (in time) to many weeping sprays of delicate-appearing scale-like leaves. Slow to establish, but most distinctively elegantly tall. Gives height in a sophisticated wardian case design. This tall species is quite slow to establish, but eventually quite impressive; for another tall species of much faster growth, see S. plana.

11416 SELAGINELLA FAIRY PLUME [SPECIES] SEL HP CGH PRICE: $ 3.50 Unidentified species from Southeast Asia with slim erect stems arching at top under weight of chartreuse plumes--possibly a compact form of S. victoriae. Must have rest period mid-winter; may reach one foot in height if given enough time. This is available usually during the warmer months. Check for availability at other times of the year.

11703 SELAGINELLA FLABELLATA SEL TGH CGH PRICE: $ 6.50 A "Clubmoss" similar in its upright stature to martensii, but perhaps more compact with a bit coarser substance and a lovely dull gloss surface on each elaborately fingered wave of foliage which narrows when spore is produced. Quite interesting.

11412 SELAGINELLA KRAUSSIANA AUREA SEL TGH TERR PRICE: $ 4.00 "Golden Clubmoss" Short arching stems form bright mat; essential in any terrarium to brighten the design.

11453 SELAGINELLA KRAUSSIANA BROWNII SEL TERR HP PRICE: $ 7.25 "Emerald Isle" or (although native to S. Africa) "Scotch Moss." Once again available for the new season. Very compact, much branched stems eventually creating tiny cushions--excellent for extremely small terariums. Merely fabulous--but site it so it will not be swamped by or swallowed up by a more vigorous neighbor. Please, please, please do not expect a large plant when you order this--it starts out tiny and it stays tiny; if you need a larger plant, please order one of its kin. A propagate-to-order item.

11624 SELAGINELLA KRAUSIANA GOLD TIPS SEL CGH TERR PRICE: $ 4.00 Fabulous ferny carpet with all new growth tipped bright yellow against the darker mature clubmoss foliage--not as vigorous or as highly colored as 'aurea.'

11413 SELAGINELLA MARTENSII ALBOLINEATA SEL HP TERR PRICE: $6.75 "Snowy Club Moss" Arched, yet creeping, prostrate brittle, much-divided stems winged with scale-like glossy leaves with irregular patches of pure bright white--astoundingly beautiful--but be warned that this will remain entirely green if grown in constantly warm conditions. Mexican species for the larger terrarium. Rare cultivar yet not difficult to grow if given reliable levels of humidity.

11656 SELAGINELLA MARTENSII FROSTY SEL HP TERR PRICE: $ 8.00 "Frosted Club Moss" Arched, yet creeping, prostrate brittle, much-divided stems winged with scale-like glossy leaves with new growth and tipe growth frosted cream to white during the cooler cycle of the year; if kept constantly warm, will remain constantly green. Mexican species for the larger terrarium. Not difficult given good humidity.

11625 SELAGINELLA MOELLENDORFII SEL CGH TERR PRICE: $ 5.50 Beautiful soft toned "Club Moss" valued for terrarium and bonsai bases; tolerates chill; slow to establish, especially if not give cool temperatures during its winter rest.

11427 SELAGINELLA PALLESCENS [EMMELIANA] SEL TERR PRICE: $ 6.50 "Sweat Plant" Fine terrarium plant growing in circular rosette arching vase forms with very fine foliage noted for holding droplets of condensation, thus "sweating"-- Venezuela, Z10. Very similar habit to moellendorfii, but much slower growing and a touch more basil green in coloration.

11472 SELAGINELLA PLANA SEL TERR TGH PRICE: $ 5.25 Strong erect stems hold bright branched fans of shimmery foliage. Very distinctive beautiful "Spikemoss Cypress" species achieving more dramatic height than most of the tropical "Clubmosses." Certainly not "creepy." Unmatched for giving an exceptionally elegant vertical effect in a wardian case or larger terrarium; but remember that this is very tropical and thus, unlike various Selaginella species offered here, is not tolerant of chill.

11414 SELAGINELLA POSADA #15 [SPECIES] SEL HP TERR PRICE: $ 10.00 LIMITED AVAILABILITY Curly-fingered "fronds" intermingle into sea-green tostled carpets; uniquely colored unidentified Central American coming to us from the collection at Kew Gardens. This tends to be overordered, so best to check on availability before ordering.

11478 SELAGINELLA UMBROSA SEL HP TERR PRICE: $ 15.00 "Red Clubmoss" Dark reddish stems give bronze mahagony tone to the abbreviated deep green leaves; tossled waves of short foliage make this Mexican a collector's choice. Small statured plants. Avoid extreme heat and deep shade.

11485 SELAGINELLA UNCINATA SEL TERR CGH $ 8.00 "Peacock Moss" "Rainbow Fern" Climbing and rambling stems, much branched, with blue tinted dimorphic scale "leaves" in four ranks. Sometimes looks like an oil slick. Becomes rather brownish during its dormant winter cycle, but fear not--just keep cool, moist, and very bright and behold, new blue foliage emerges come spring. This seasonal cycle and elongated rambling stolons render this more a headache than a beauty as a terrarium subject; but can be a fabulous carpet under the benches of your hobby greenhouse.

40917 SERISSA FOETIDA FLORAPLENA RUB HP CGH PRICE: $5.75 Miniature-statured woody shrub with interlacing twigs bear tiny glossy green leaves in pert pairs and cute double white flowers tucked along the stems. The "Double flowered Snow Rose" much valued as the bonsai "Kochok" because with time it gradually takes on the character of aged trees. Quite a treat when in bloom.

42136 SERISSA FOETIDA PINK FAIRY RUB HP TGH PRICE: $ 5.25 Hansoti #18. Marvelous compact selection with distinctly fastigate habit and reduced leaves; lovely pink blossoms. Very vigorous selection good in a sunny window. Also successful trained as a staked standard, achieving an appearance similar to that of a staked Myrtus.

40919 SERISSA FOETIDA VARIEGATA RUB HP CGH PRICE: $ 7.75 Available by Propagate-to-Order. We are building our stock. Tiny lvs margined in cream-white, typically with a tiny white central flame as well; called "Tree of a Thousand Stars" for the many small white fls along the stems. Used in many styles of bonsai as "Iro-iro-kochoki."

41801 SERISSA FOETIDA YATSUBUSA-KYOTA RUB HP CGH PRICE: $ 10.00 Very dwarf fastigate twiggy habit with tiny leaves; unique tiny long-tubed white semi-erect flowers with narrow pointed tips. Choice "Kyoto Snow Rose" used in mame bonsai as "Kyoto Kochoki"--this is the difficult one as needs higher humidity than its kith & kin; nonetheless, certainly the most impressive as a bonsai. Please note that these will be extremely small plants when they arrive at your home because this is a miniature form.

11401 TECTARIA CICUTARIA [GEMMIFERA, HORT.] POL HP CGH PRICE: $ 5.50 "Button Ball Fern" Upright rhizomes with gracefully arching tripinnate fronds (triangular in overall outline) with a series on rounded button-like bulbils along the top of the central midrib. Caribbean tolerant of indoor conditions. A fern no child can resist.

52170 TILLANDSIA IONANTHE BRO HP TGH PRICE: $ 4.25 "Blushing Bride" Clustering silver-scaled & haired air plant blushing completely rouge when ready to open its blue blossoms; the basal offsets of this "Sky Plant" eventually form a sphere. Easy as long as you are not tempted to pot this terminally cute epiphyte (so tuck this on a branchlet or atop a piece of coral, for example); loves a good misting if not in the humidity of a terrarium.

53270 TILLANDSIA MAGNUSIANA BRO TGH PRICE: $ 7.75 Dainty small species with many threadlike leaves, each covered with glittery silver scales, forming a dense feathery rosette from which peep violet flower petals. Mount on wood and mist regularly. We send divisions in dry moss--but do not advise you keep this in the moss. Do not pot this very special creature!.

52172 TILLANDSIA USNEOIDES BRO HP TGH HH PRICE: $ 1.75 "Spanish Moss" Silvery-gray threaded masses of tiny plantlets in dramatic garland famous in subtropical and tropical America for their eventual effect on draped trees; yet the perfect houseplant for compulsive mister-ers. Not collected--this is a bright silvery clone from Guatamala (and thus not needing the chill winter of any collected in the southern USA where most clones are a shade dingy gray in color anyway) which has been growing happily in our Ohio greenhouses for the last 20 years. We notice that our customers are beginning to use this lavishly in their terrarium designs where it thrives.



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