Plants With Pink and Green Leaves (Varieties Explained)

You might be into the modern “millennial pink” pattern these days. So, pink shades of any kind can continually offer a powerful sprinkle of variety to your homes and gardens. One attractive way of adding some pink to your space is with plants.

A few plants frequently highlight a blend of green and pink. Since pink and green are corresponding colors, these brilliant leaves are unique. Different varieties of plants with pink and green leaves are available, and each has one-of-a-kind qualities and examples, as we show exhaustively here.

In this article, we dive into the most common varieties of plants with pink and green leaves. Any of these choices can light up your home or nursery.

pink green plant

What Plant Has Pink And Green Leaves?

At least one potted plant should be present in every room. Adding flora creates interest with several advantages, including a relaxing atmosphere.

  •  Houseplants may reduce dangerous chemicals and pollutants while also purifying the air.
  •  Pot plants can increase humidity levels and help those with dry skin, sinuses, throats, and eyes.
  •  Plants enhance air quality.
  •  Maintaining plants speeds up the healing process and lowers stress.

While some pink house plants only have pink and green leaves, others combine green, white, and pink leaves. Large plant leaves that are entirely pink exist on a few tropical plants. Let’s examine the numerous plants with green and pink leaves you can find indoors and outside.

Varieties Of Plants With Pink And Green Leaves

1. Syngonium podophyllum (Pink Arrowhead Vine)

The tropical climbing plants Syngonium ‘Nean Robusta’ and ‘Pink Robusta’ have pinkish-dusty leaves. The arching stems of the pinkish Syngonium have broad, light pink shaded arrow-shaped leaves. The distinctive arrowhead leaves become multi-lobed “goosefoot” leaves as they mature.

The mix of dusty pink and green foliage on pinkish arrowhead Syngonium plants adds to their charm. The clumping pink houseplant, which may be grown in a pot or on a moss pole, can provide color to any contemporary space. If placed in a hanging basket, a pink Syngonium thrives. The green and pink rose leaves behind that trail produce a lovely vertical image.

2. Philodendron erubescens (Philodendron Pink Princess)

The Philodendron “Pink Princess” is a magnificent indoor plant with variegated leaves that are both pink and green. The thick, leathery leaves’ pink variegation almost fills the leaf. Large pink patches may also have patterns in bright green. Additionally, the dark green portion of the leaf frequently has pink spots as well.

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The Philodendron “Pink Congo” is a variety with completely pink leaves. Unlike the “Pink Princess,” the “Pink Congo” gets its vivid pink leaves by infusing a chemical into the philodendrons. Pink Congo Philodendron leaves typically become green between six and twelve months after purchase.

3. Pink-Leaved Caladiums

A genus of tropical plants known as caladium has stunning pink, white, and fancy green leaves, sometimes called strap leaves. Many caladium types, sometimes known as “angel wings,” have vivid pink veins that stand out against their green foliage with white spots.

The leaves of certain caladium plants are pink with deep crimson veins and green edges. The leaves on other caladiums feature pink and white dots, with typical patterns of dark red or pink. Caladiums are sometimes referred to as the “heart of Jesus” plant because of their striking colors and heart-shaped leaves.

For identification purposes, the green and pink houseplants called caladiums are as follows:

  •  Caladium bicolor ‘Carolyn Whorton’ (Caladium ‘Carolyn Whorton’)

The big, heart-shaped leaves of the sun-tolerant caladium ‘Carolyn Whorton’ are colored pink, green, and red. Its pink leaves have scarlet veins in the middle and dark-green borders.

  •  Caladium’ Florida Red Ruffles’

The dazzling “Florida Red Ruffles” features broad arrowhead leaves with blood-red veins, dark pink foliage, and green edges with white speckles.

  •  Caladium’ Strawberry Star’

The big, pointed white leaves of the fancy-leaf caladium have pink spots and green veining.

  •  Caladium bicolor ‘Thai Beauty

This pink, white, and green network-patterned strap-leaf caladium boasts lovely pink and green foliage.

  •  Angel Wings’ White Queen’

The veining on the caladium leaves ranges from dark pink to light pink, and they are white and green.

4. Aglaonema costatum (Pink Aglaonema)

Easy-care indoor plants with broad, ovate leaves patterned in pink and green include pink aglaonema plants. Chinese evergreen plants are famous for their bushy leaves and gentle pink tones, which look lovely in any home decor. You may select an aglaonema cultivar or hybrid to go with your color scheme because they come in various red and pink tones.

Here are several lovely pink-leaved aglaonema varieties to consider growing indoors:

The glossy green, ovate leaves of this green and pink houseplant are seen in photographs to have pink spots that resemble paint splashes.

Chinese evergreens feature bright pink shaded leaves with touches of green around their borders that are vividly colored.

This cultivar of Aglaonema has broad, pointed, glossy green leaves with pink splotches. The quantity of sunshine received determines how heavily the leaves have pink variegations.

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The lovely green leaves include many pink specks and center ribs.

5. Crassula pellucida marginalis Variegata (Calico Kitten)

The calico cat plant is a lovely variety of succulents with tiny green and pink leaves in the shape of hearts. Placing a calico cat plant on a sunny windowsill is the best method to guarantee that pink leaves can develop on it. The green and white striped leaves can turn pink in the sunlight. The leaves eventually become a rich pink color.

Jade plants are another name for crassula succulents. The leaves of other crassula species are green with pink undertones. Here are two types of crassula with green and pink leaves:

  •  Crassula ovata ‘Hobbit’

This succulent has pink tips to its green, fleshy tubular leaves.

  •  Silver jade plant (Crassula arborescens)

These “money plant’s” spherical, silvery-gray leaves with reddish-pink borders make them easy to recognize. Pink star-shaped flowers are produced by the silver jade plant when it blooms.

plant leaves

6. Cordyline spp. (Pink-Leaved Ti Plants)

Ti shrubs are tropical houseplants with gorgeous, pointed leaves that bloom brilliant pink. The evergreen plant resembles a shrub and has a spiky-looking rosette-shaped leaf.

Some pink plants might have long, strap-like leaves, while other variants have pink leaves that are wide and pointed, depending on the species. White, pink, and lavender flowers also grow on the Cordyline fruticosa plants. The following Cordyline varieties have gorgeous pink foliage:

  •  Cordyline’ Electric Pink’

The stunning deep pink shrub features long, maroon-purple leaves with striking pink stripes.

  •  Cordyline fruticosa ‘Firebrand’

This pink plant is famous for its enormous, pointed, arching leaflets that are deep pink to deep red and supported by brilliant pink stems.

  •  Cordyline fruticosa ‘Rubra’

Plantings of the subtropical Cordyline ‘Rubra’ can happen inside. The large leaves begin as pink russet-red when they first emerge and progressively turn dark magenta red.

  •  Cordyline’ Pink Integrity’

The borders of the oval, dark green leaves are pink.

Final Words

With a color pallet to outfit any garden style, from the fanciful to the bold, it’s tricky not to fall into the charms of plants with pink and green leaves. There are wide varieties, so have fun finding the ideal houseplant to add color to your home. Happy gardening!