Black Pagoda Lipstick Plant: [Complete Care Guide]

black pagoda lipstick plant

The Black Pagoda lipstick plant is a delightful hanging houseplant with dazzling foliage. This post shares all you want to know to make your Black Pagoda lipstick plant flourish. Putting a Black Pagoda in a container with free, properly draining soil and adding water when the soil is dry is crucial for its care. Keep … Read more

Polka Dot Begonia Plant Care: [Complete Beginner’s Guide]

polka dot begonia care

Begonia maculata, often known as the spotted Begonia or polka-dot begonia, is a lovely and much sought-after home plant. The silver-spotted, dark-red outsides of its heart-shaped foliage are rumored to have influenced fashionista Christian Louboutin to develop his signature ruby stilettos. The polka dot begonia requires a warm, sunny location with a steady temperature of … Read more

Bush On Fire Croton Plant Care: [Complete Beginner’s Guide]

bush on fire croton

The vibrant Croton is an option for homeowners that instantly transforms any space into a vibrant, tropical setting. Big, slender, twisted, and colorful leaves with splotches of yellow, green, and red are offered by Codiaeum variegatum Croton. This low-maintenance house plant will thrive in strong light in your home. Put your Croton close to a … Read more

The Types of Ice Plants: [Varieties Explained]

types of ice plant

Ice Plants are truly a sight to behold. Their breathtaking thin leaves reflect light in such a manner that they appear like ice crystals. Hence, the reason these sparkling flowers are known as the Ice Plants. Many types of ice plants are known to nature, occurring in every possible color. These can be classified based … Read more

How Big Do Different Types Of Azaleas Get? [Find Out Here]

how big do azaleas get

Only a few plants can beat Azaleas when it comes to spectacular charm and elegance. Their beauty is unmatched with their purple, red, white, and pink blooms and uniquely shaped petals. But how big can different types of Azaleas get? Honestly, there is no right answer to this question. The height of your Azalea depends … Read more

The Types of Prayer Plants: [Varieties Explained]

types of prayer plants

Prayer plants have many types with different scopes of foliage, surface, and patterns on their leaves. With its propensity to crease its leaves at night, it gets the name “prayer plant,” looking like hands collapsed during prayer. Every one of the types of Prayer plants has its exciting element. There are around 40-50 unique types … Read more

Yucca Cane Plant Care: [Complete Beginner’s Guide]

yucca cane plant care

Today we’re focusing on yucca cane plant care. This plant thrives independently and is a delightful addition to any household, so it’s the ideal decision for beginner plant parents! So, how would you deal with the yucca cane plant? The spineless yucca thrives in brilliant indirect daylight, properly draining soil, and a temp range between … Read more

Plants With Pink and Green Leaves (Varieties Explained)

plant with pink and green leaves

You might be into the modern “millennial pink” pattern these days. So, pink shades of any kind can continually offer a powerful sprinkle of variety to your homes and gardens. One attractive way of adding some pink to your space is with plants. A few plants frequently highlight a blend of green and pink. Since … Read more

China Doll Plant Care: [Complete Beginner’s Guide]

china doll plant care

Who doesn’t cherish a plant with bright green leaves that grow for a brief period? The China Doll Plant is ideal if you love green plants, as it can accompany various home interiors. And our plant care guide can help any beginner in caring for it. The China doll plant flourishes in a warm environment, … Read more

Purple Passion Plant Care: [Complete Beginner’s Guide]

purple passion plant care

The purple passion plant, known as the Velvet Plant, is loved for its vibrant, velvety, and unique foliage. Its evergreen leaves make them ideal as both outdoor and indoor plants. In addition, the leaves and stems of this tropical plant are lushly coated with tiny, velvety purple hair, which provides them with a rich, elegant … Read more

What Are Ground Cover Plants? [Varieties Explained]

ground cover plants

Do you prefer an easy-care, no-mow landscape? If yes, then it is time to replace your conventional lawn grass with some ground cover plants. These plants are a fun and aesthetic way to cover the pesky bald spots and provide a fresh, green touch to your backyard. Ground cover plants refer to evergreen, low-lying plants … Read more

Bird Of Paradise Plant Care: [Complete Beginner’s Guide]

bird of paradise plant

The Bird of Paradise is often regarded as the “Queen of the Houseplants.” Its colorful, stunning flowers and shiny, banana-shaped foliage can add a vibrant, tropical touch to any space and elevate the decor! This plant, also referred to as Strelitzia Nicolai, does not bloom indoors but can develop massive leaves when provided with adequate … Read more

Waffle Plant Care: [Complete Beginner’s Guide]

waffle plant

The waffle plant also referred to as the purple waffle plant or Hemigraphis Alternata, has rumpled leaves that resemble Belgian waffles. Its leaves are bright green on the outside and rich purple on the inside. This tropical plant, native to Java, is also known as red flame ivy, graveyard plant, metal leaf plant, and red … Read more

How To Propagate Bird Of Paradise? [Find Out Here]

how to propagate bird of paradise

Bird of paradise is a beautiful plant known for its brightly colored leaves. You can easily care for this plant or grow other similar plants from it through propagation. The key is to learn how to propagate bird of paradise plants. You can propagate the birds of paradise plant through plant division. This is where … Read more

Snow White Waffle Plant: [Complete Care Guide]

snow white waffle plant

When looking for the best house plants, homeowners tend to go for those that need the least care. We can all agree that some plants that require complex care tend to die faster since most owners are not expert planters or do not have the time for complex and continuous care. This simple snow white … Read more

Do Coleus Like Sun Or Shade: [Complete Care Guide]

coleus sun or shade

The coleus, an amazing plant that grows well in sunlight and shade, is now available in various colors, sizes, and shapes. Previously, it was only accessible in multicolored, shade-only varieties. The coleus leaves look great in planters, pots, and window boxes and are tucked among other perennials and annuals in the flower bed. Coleus plants … Read more

Exotic Angel Plant Care: [Complete Beginner’s Guide]

exotic angel plant care

Every fan of eagle plants is concerned about the challenging nature of caring for angel plants. An assortment of hues and shapes may be found in Exotic Angel Plants, a hybrid foliage plant. These plants are cultivated in greenhouses and were specifically developed to be marketed as houseplants. Here, general care guidelines are provided for … Read more


best soil for money tree

The money tree illustrates ideas of immense wealth. Whether or not the legend surrounding the money tree is true, it is unquestionable that people associate it with luck and fortune. These plants, also referred to as Pachira Aquatica, are easy to cultivate indoors. They are popular due to their beautiful braided stems, enticing palm-shaped leaves, … Read more

Why Does My Majesty Palm Have Brown Tips? [EXPLAINED]

majesty palm brown tips

Few things are more disappointing to a devoted indoor plant owner than brown tips on a cherished indoor plant! So, why does my Majesty Palm have brown tips? Brown tips on Majesty Palms can demonstrate numerous medical conditions. These include watering, soil, humidity, lighting, and other issues. Thus, it’s fundamental to comprehend which elements to … Read more

What Causes Brown Tips on A Ponytail Palm? [EXPLAINED]

brown tips on ponytail palm

Ponytail palms are a fantastic indoor houseplant option since they’re easy to take care of, look incredibly striking, and can reside for a long time. Still, one of the frequent problems with the plant is the tips becoming brown. Honestly, multiple reasons are not always easy to sort out. So, what causes brown tips on … Read more

Can Snake Plants Live Outside? [COMPLETE CARE GUIDE]

can snake plants live outside

The best plant for beginners is the snake plant; they are not only incredibly tolerant plants but may also develop without much upkeep or attention. You might be wondering if you can cultivate a snake plant outdoors based on where you reside. We will help clarify that question in this article. You can cultivate a … Read more

Why Are The Leaves On My Snake Plant Turning Yellow?

snake plant leaves turning yellow

Even though snake plants have a record for being nearly impossible to kill, they nonetheless experience a fair share of issues. You are not the only one who has noticed that your snake plant’s leaves are turning yellow. We will examine the reasons snake plant leaves turn yellow and how to deal with it. Root … Read more

How To Get Rid Of White Bugs In Soil? [PLAN OF ACTION]

white bugs in soil

Gardening is a popular hobby for those who are fond of nature. However, as fascinating as it may be, the activity requires consistent maintenance and effort. Apart from the long hours of dedicated work that plants need to thrive, there is one thing that gardeners dread even more, pests. Even the most vigilant and careful … Read more

How Often Should You Water Ferns? [COMPLETE CARE GUIDE]

how often to water ferns

You will find ferns in every gardener’s place, whether it is indoors or outdoors. These plants do not make much of a mess and love humid conditions. Their bright green vibrancy adds the perfect touch to your kitchen or bathrooms. Overall, experts suggest that you should water ferns at least two or three times a … Read more

How to Repot A Snake Plant? [STEP BY STEP GUIDE]

how to repot snake plant

Snake Plants are the easiest ones to plant as well as care for. They do not need much water since they have leaves as succulents do. So, you can probably go three or four days without watering them. Although, they might not survive in poor conditions. The soil might not absorb water, and consequently, your … Read more

How To Propagate Snake Plant? [BEGINNER’S GUIDE]

how to propagate snake plant

This beginner’s guide provides all you know about propagating snake plants. That includes propagation with water and soil cuttings. If you like taking care of snake plants, read below for more! Snake plants are an ideal plant choice for indoor propagation. Snake plant propagation is straightforward, and there are five common ways you can do … Read more