best soil for money tree

The money tree illustrates ideas of immense wealth. Whether or not the legend surrounding the money tree is true, it is unquestionable that people associate it with luck and fortune. These plants, also referred to as Pachira Aquatica, are easy to cultivate indoors. They are popular due to their beautiful braided stems, enticing palm-shaped leaves, … Read more

10 Easiest Seeds to Start Growing I...
10 Easiest Seeds to Start Growing Indoors

Why Does My Majesty Palm Have Brown Tips? [EXPLAINED]

majesty palm brown tips

Few things are more disappointing to a devoted indoor plant owner than brown tips on a cherished indoor plant! So, why does my Majesty Palm have brown tips? Brown tips on Majesty Palms can demonstrate numerous medical conditions. These include watering, soil, humidity, lighting, and other issues. Thus, it’s fundamental to comprehend which elements to … Read more

What Causes Brown Tips on A Ponytail Palm? [EXPLAINED]

brown tips on ponytail palm

Ponytail palms are a fantastic indoor houseplant option since they’re easy to take care of, look incredibly striking, and can reside for a long time. Still, one of the frequent problems with the plant is the tips becoming brown. Honestly, multiple reasons are not always easy to sort out. So, what causes brown tips on … Read more

Can Snake Plants Live Outside? [COMPLETE CARE GUIDE]

can snake plants live outside

The best plant for beginners is the snake plant; they are not only incredibly tolerant plants but may also develop without much upkeep or attention. You might be wondering if you can cultivate a snake plant outdoors based on where you reside. We will help clarify that question in this article. You can cultivate a … Read more

Why Are The Leaves On My Snake Plant Turning Yellow?

snake plant leaves turning yellow

Even though snake plants have a record for being nearly impossible to kill, they nonetheless experience a fair share of issues. You are not the only one who has noticed that your snake plant’s leaves are turning yellow. We will examine the reasons snake plant leaves turn yellow and how to deal with it. Root … Read more

How To Get Rid Of White Bugs In Soil? [PLAN OF ACTION]

white bugs in soil

Gardening is a popular hobby for those who are fond of nature. However, as fascinating as it may be, the activity requires consistent maintenance and effort. Apart from the long hours of dedicated work that plants need to thrive, there is one thing that gardeners dread even more, pests. Even the most vigilant and careful … Read more

How Often Should You Water Ferns? [COMPLETE CARE GUIDE]

how often to water ferns

You will find ferns in every gardener’s place, whether it is indoors or outdoors. These plants do not make much of a mess and love humid conditions. Their bright green vibrancy adds the perfect touch to your kitchen or bathrooms. Overall, experts suggest that you should water ferns at least two or three times a … Read more

How to Repot A Snake Plant? [STEP BY STEP GUIDE]

how to repot snake plant

Snake Plants are the easiest ones to plant as well as care for. They do not need much water since they have leaves as succulents do. So, you can probably go three or four days without watering them. Although, they might not survive in poor conditions. The soil might not absorb water, and consequently, your … Read more

How To Propagate Snake Plant? [BEGINNER’S GUIDE]

how to propagate snake plant

This beginner’s guide provides all you know about propagating snake plants. That includes propagation with water and soil cuttings. If you like taking care of snake plants, read below for more! Snake plants are an ideal plant choice for indoor propagation. Snake plant propagation is straightforward, and there are five common ways you can do … Read more

Humidity Tray For Plants: When And Why You Need One

humidity tray for plants

Most of our dehydrated plants can become a little finicky in the height of summer. Several of our potted plants enjoy moisture but dislike “getting their feet wet,” which complicates matters because standing water can rapidly cause rot. The good thing is that you can create a humidity tray to boost humidity for the leafy … Read more

Why Are My Peace Lily Leaves Turning Brown? [EXPLAINED]

peace lily leaves turning brown

Peace lilies are delicate, porcelain-colored blossoms that are slim, delicate, and have green leaves. It is time to reevaluate the attention you are providing your peace lilies if you see their leaves’ tips are becoming brown. Brown edges on peace lily leaves typically indicate poor maintenance on the owner’s part. The most frequent cause of … Read more

How Often Do You Water A Snake Plant? [FIND OUT HERE]

how often do you water a snake plant

All living things require water for survival, including plants – household and wild plants alike need to be watered. However, before watering your plant, you need to understand the rate and level of water necessary to keep it healthy. Overwatering or underwatering of a snake plant could result in certain undesired results, including the death … Read more

Bleeding Heart Plant Varieties [COMPLETE BEGINNER’S GUIDE]

bleeding heart plant

If you’re a beginner in the plant community, you should know about the different Bleeding Heart plant varieties. Please read our complete beginner’s guide below to find out more! Bleeding Hearts, or Dicentra, are shade-preferring perennials with an apparent romantic character. There are plenty more types in the Dicentra species known as Bleeding Hearts. Still, … Read more

How Often Should You Water Pothos? [Complete Care Guide]

how often to water pothos

Pothos plants require appropriate care to survive, and one of the most crucial aspects of plant care is watering. But how often should you water Pothos? Read more ahead to find the answer! Generally, it would be best if you planned to water a Pothos plant at one or two-week intervals, contingent on the season … Read more

Why Is My Bamboo Plant Turning Yellow? [Find Out Here]

why is my bamboo turning yellow

Bamboo plants are an aesthetically pleasing addition to anyone’s home. But if you have one, you might wonder, why is my bamboo plant turning yellow? Read below to find out more! Bamboo plant leaves or stalks can turn yellow for multiple reasons. Four main aspects affect bamboo plants becoming yellow besides disease: watering, sunlight, fertilizer, … Read more

What Are The Types Of Dracaena Plants [Answered]

types of dracaena plants

Dracaena plants are one of the most popular houseplants; they can be planted indoors and outdoors; these plants are available in different varieties, approximately a hundred and twenty varieties. If you hope to have one of these plants in your home, you need to know the most popular varieties so that you can select the … Read more

Mother Of Thousands Plant [Complete Plant Care Guide]

mother of thousands plant

The Mother of Thousands plant is a gorgeous and exciting houseplant that’s trendy these days. If you decide to keep one of these plants in your house, you should know how to take care of it so it survives for years. Mother of Thousands requires a well-draining potting mix, thorough and infrequent watered, and bright, … Read more

Queen Of The Night Flower [Complete Plant Care Guide]

queen of the night flower

The queen of the night, also known as epiphyllum oxypetalum, is an awesome, unique plant that blooms at night and has a sweet lasting fragrance. This plant is native to Central America and South America and develops well in hardiness zones 10 and 11. This plant is relatively easy to grow; however, having an idea … Read more

How To Propagate Prayer Plant? [COMPLETE BEGINNER’S GUIDE]

how to propagate prayer plant

Prayer plants are beautiful indoor plants, and their propagation is easy! Learn more about how to propagate prayer-plants with our guide below. Prayer plants are a popular and traditional indoor plant with a simple propagation process. You can use various methods, including water, soil, seed and root propagation. Each works differently, and choosing the right … Read more

Why Is My Aloe Plant Turning Brown? [FIND OUT HERE]

why is my aloe plant turning brown

Aloe Vera is a popular household plant with great medicinal benefits like aiding the treatment of wounds and bites, as well as skin improvement. While this plant is quite easy to grow and maintain, a common problem many gardeners face is the Aloe plant’s green leaves turning brown. Several factors cause this; however, to correct … Read more

How To Propagate Pothos? [COMPLETE BEGINNER’S GUIDE]

how to propagate pothos

If you are a houseplant enthusiast, you have probably seen or grown a pothos plant. It is among the most popular house plants because it doesn’t mind much about light, water, or fertilization. Learning how to propagate pothos will help you grow more pothos plants. Propagating pothos plants is easy. You just need to cut … Read more

How To Propagate Wandering Jew? [COMPLETE BEGINNER’S GUIDE]

how to propagate wandering jew

Wandering Jew, also known as Zebrina pendula and a native of Mexico, is a fast-growing plant with dangling branches and purple and green leaves frequently striped with silver. Wandering Jew thrives outside U.S. Department of Agriculture plant tolerance zones 9 through 11. It is a warm-climate plant that is typically grown indoors. The wandering jew … Read more

How To Propagate A String Of Hearts? [BEGINNER’S GUIDE]

how to propagate string of hearts

With its heart-shaped flowers blooming on slender vines that could eventually linger for miles, this plant makes the perfect hanging plant. However, what happens when your Ceropegia woodii, also called a string of hearts, grows a little overly long or unkempt? Simple propagation enables you to reduce the vines and is the answer to these … Read more

The Best Stylish Grow Lights for Indoor Plants [REVIEWED]

stylish grow lights for indoor plants

A few houseplants can transform your house’s aesthetic and overall atmosphere. But do you know that stylish grow lights for indoor plants can elevate the benefits of your houseplants and enhance their growth? It all starts with picking the best decorative grow lights. Stylish grow lights help your indoor plants thrive by providing the necessary … Read more