Winter Rose Poinsettia: Plant Care & Growing Guide

Poinsettia euphorbia pulcherrima

If you’re like most people, you probably think of poinsettias as Christmas flowers. But did you know that these beautiful plants are actually native to Mexico? Although they are often associated with the holiday season, poinsettias can actually be grown year-round with the right care. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about … Read more

Monkey Tail Cactus: Plant Care & Growing Guide

cleistocactus winteri

The monkey tail cactus, also known as the soft monkey tail cactus, is a fun and easy-to-grow succulent that makes a great addition to any garden or indoor plants collection, as long as you follow these Monkey Tail Cactus care tips.. With its distinctive tail-like stem and charming blooms, this little cactus is sure to … Read more

Eugenia Topiary: Plant Care & Growing Guide

Eugenia Topiary e1587461972573

Looking for a unique way to spruce up your garden or home? Why not try growing a eugenia topiary? These evergreen plants make perfect additions to any home or garden, and with the proper care and growing guide, they’re easy to grow too! Keep reading for more information on how to care for your eugenia … Read more

Croton Mammy: Plant Care & Growing Guide

Croton Mammy

Crotons are popular house plants due to their brightly colored leaves. They’re relatively easy to care for, but there are a few things you need to know in order to keep them happy and healthy. In this guide, we’ll provide you with everything you need to know about growing crotons, from potting them in the … Read more

String of Turtles: Plant Care & Growing Guide

string of turtles

If you’re looking for a plant that’s both distinct and low-maintenance, the string of turtles might be the one for you. This cute succulent gets its name from its oval-shaped leaves that resemble turtle shells. Native to Brazilian rainforests, the string of turtles is part of the Piperaceae family and can grow up to 12 … Read more

Morning Glories: Plant Care & Growing Guide

Morning Glories Care Growing Guide e1602643078235

These flowers are a classic choice for any garden as they are easy to grow.  They make a great addition to any flower garden.   Even if you are just getting started with your flower garden, these will not disappoint you. Morning Glories Care & Growing Guide 1. What Morning Glories Looks Like In this plant … Read more

Orchids: Plant Care and Growing Guide

Orchids Care Growing Guide grey background e1602642584595

Orchids have a bad reputation of being hard to care for properly and there are some varieties of orchids that are difficult to grow.   Before you purchase one, make sure that it is easy to maintain and grow.  Here are some tips to help you grow beautiful orchids. Orchids Care and Growing Guide 1. About … Read more

Echeveria: Plant Care & Growing Guide

Echeveria Plant Care

This plant is a native to central and southern American and Mexico.  They are a great plant to grow in containers both inside and outdoors. Sometimes, the smaller varieties are used as part of carpet bedding for gardens.  Read on to learn how to grow these wonderful succulents What it Looks Like As mentioned, this … Read more

Gladiolus: Plant Care and Growing Guide

Gladiolus Plant

The gladiolas plant is a plant that grows from an underground root system.  This is called a corn.  It adds beauty to any garden or flower arrangement.  They are native to Africa so they prefer warm climates and warm soil to grow. Gladiolus Plant Care and Growing Guide 1. About Gladiolus This flower is known … Read more

Song of India: Plant Care and Growing Guide

Song of india plant garden

This plant is a native to the islands in the Indian Ocean near Madagascar and is an easy houseplant to grow.   It is a great plant for beginner gardeners.  There are many different varieties with different leaf shapes, sizes, and colors.  It can give you foliage that is beautiful and multicolored. Song of India Plant … Read more

Lucky Bamboo: Plant Care and Growing Guide

Lucky Bamboo Care Growing Guide e1602640171621

This is a plant that is made up of the cut stalks of a Dracaena Saderiana.  It is native to Eastern Asia and West Africa.   The followers of Feng Shui believe that it will bring good fortune and prosperity to the business or home.  They are a plant that requires very little are and can … Read more

Calandiva: Plant Care and Growing Guide

pink Calandiva

This plant was developed in the Netherlands and is botanically known as Kalanchoe blossfeldiana.   It is a plant that belongs to the Crassulaceae family, which makes it native to Madagascar.  Belonging to the succulent family, it is not as demanding as other plants so this is one thing that many people like when choosing houseplants. … Read more

Flowering Kalanchoe: Plant Care and Growing Guide

Flowering Kalanchoe Care Growing Guide

This is the perfect flowering succulent to have in your home or office.  It is a plant that produces colorful flowers and thrives on neglect.   This does not mean that you can forget to water them but they can go longer than other plants without water.   Flowering Kalanchoe  Plant Care and Growing Guide 1. About … Read more

Baby Tears: Plant Care and Growing Guide

baby tears plant care Growing guide

Baby Tears were originally brought into the plant trade by Joseph Francois Soleroil in Corsica.  This particular kind of plant is a member of the nettle family and are usually used as an evergreen ground cover as well as fillers for gardens or rock gardens. This plant is known to spready very quickly. Baby Tears … Read more

Syngonium: Plant Care and Growing Guide

syngonium plant care growing guide

Syngonium plants, also known as arrowhead vines, require very little specialized care when kept as houseplants.  Provide indirect light and maintain moist soil at all times, misting occasionally. Allow plenty of space for the vines to grow or prune to shape the plant. Keep ambient temperature between 60 and 80 degrees. Fertilizer is generally not … Read more

Spider Lily: Plant Care & Growing Guide

Spider Lily Care Growing Guide

Spider Lily’s are originally native to China, Nepal, and Korea. However, they were introduced to Japan during the 1800s.  These flowers have also been symbolically associated with death, as they are often placed on graves or used as decorations during funerals.  Spider Lily Care & Growing Guide 1. Planting Your Spider Lily These flowers originate … Read more

Gardenia: Plant Care & Growing Guide

Gardenia Plant in a pot

The Gardenia Plant is an evergreen shrub that is typically the hardiest in USDA Zones 8-11. It is known for its potent and fragrant creamy white flowers with its thick glossy leaves.  It was named after Alexander Green, who brought the gardenia to South Carolina in the late 1700’s. No matter the season, if you … Read more

Starfish Sansevieria: Plant Care & Growing Guide

Starfish sansevieria plant care growing guide 1

A Starfish Sansevieria Plant is a star-shaped succulent. With jutting, green petals, and that has a cylindrical shape.  They are a rare hybrid of a sansevieria cylintrica or a snack plant, and while they look intimidating are, they are effortless to care for. It only takes a few steps and knowhow to keep them alive. … Read more

Japanese Cleyera Plant Care & Growing Guide

Ternstroemia gymnanthera

As the name suggests, the Japanese Cleyera Plant is native to Japan and China. Today, they are commonly found in the Southern United States.  The official name for this plant is Cleyera japonica.  Japanese Cleyera Plant Care & Growing Guide 1. Climate As semi-tropical plants, the Japanese Cleyera Plant will not survive repeated freezing temperatures. … Read more

Sweet Almond Bush: Plant Care & Growing Guide

Aloysia Virgata

If you’re looking for a plant that is lush, easy to grow, and looks great in your yard, look no further than the Sweet Almond Bush.  In botany, it is known as Aloysia virgate, and it originated in Argentina. It is most commonly found today in the states of Arizona, Florida, Alabama, and California. Sweet … Read more

Edamame: Plant Care & Growing Guide

green Edamame

The Edamame is an immature soybean pod that is relatively new to North American gardeners.  This is a complete source of protein with all nine essential amino acids.  It is an Asian vegetable that means beans on branches. They taste like a cross between a lima bean and pea.  Out of each pod, you will … Read more

Ficus Alii: Plant Care & Growing Guide

ficus alii 3 trees in a pot

The Ficus Alii is the perfect indoor plant. It can grow tall, its roots are strong, and it does not need much watering or much maintenance.  This plant also has the name Amstel King or the Banana Leaf Tree. It originates from Malaysia and India. This plant is popular because of its ability to clean … Read more

Blue Star Fern: Plant Care & Growing Guide

Blue star fern

If you want a cute and hardy plant to decorate the tables and desks of your home, then you have found the right plant! The blue star fern is small and cute and grows wildly. But it’s care and management might be out of a beginner gardener’s level, because this plant grows on other plants! … Read more

Dwarf Ixora: Plant Care & Growing Guide

Dwarf Ixora flower

This small but hardy plant can add a lot of color to your indoor plant collection or your garden outside. It loves acidic soil and temperatures that don’t change widely. It can also make an excellent present for those wanting to start their own flower garden.  Dwarf Ixora Care & Growing Guide 1. Light requirements … Read more

Oyster: Plant Care & Growing Guide

Oyster Plant purple green

The Oyster Plant is easy to grow and very colorful, making it an excellent choice for most people.  There really isn’t anything about this plant that makes it difficult to care for. If you want to introduce some bright foliage to your garden, this is an option that you’ll want to learn all about. Oyster … Read more