How Often to Water Fiddle Leaf Fig? [COMPLETE GUIDE]

Ficus lyrata, or fiddle leaf fig, is a tropical shrub that thrives in sunlight, humidity, and water. These plants are native to the tropical rainforests of Western Africa, where they receive plenty of water and experience periods of drought. However, overwatering is one of the most typical issues with some of these house plants.

Begin by watering a fiddle leaf fig each week with one cup of water. Modify the watering frequency as needed if your plant displays symptoms of underwatering or overwatering. 

A Fiddle Leaf Fig is a lovely accent to any outdoor and indoor setting. This beautiful work of nature is now a standard in most urban and suburban florists alike for interior show-stopping design. The location of a Fiddle Leaf Fig will impact how it is cared for.

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Fiddle Leaf Fig How Often To Water

The Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree is a magnificent plant with big green leaves native to the rainforest of central and western Africa. Despite the hype, it is not the simplest houseplant to maintain, but when provided with the right circumstances and attention, it has an unrivaled visual effect in a space.

The Fiddle Leaf Fig thrives in a warm, humid area with lots of water and light. Choose a position where the tree can enjoy an abundance of bright light sources, away from air drafts and vents. It is best if the plant is exactly in front of or next to a western or southern-facing window.

Although eastern access can also work if the plant is precisely in the display and the environment seems light, it is also great to get a couple of hours of direct sunlight. This plant should not be used in windows that face north; low-light environments are not conducive to their growth.

Fiddle Leaf is a type of plant that is extremely vulnerable to changes in the environment. It will most likely take some time for them to acclimate to their new surroundings. Follow the maintenance directions carefully, and do not be alarmed if yours drops two or three leaves.

Ensure you check the plant’s watering essentials when you get it. Before you water the plant, examine the water content in the soil to make sure it is not too wet below the top. Try aerating the plant’s soil prior to watering it for the first time. Aerating will help with drainage, assist the soil in breathing, and enable moisture to be discharged.

The wisest choice you should do for your plant’s survival is to water it regularly and not let it dry out to the extent where soil shrinkage occurs. Soil shrinkage is a huge issue since the liquid flows between the pot and the soil down each side instead of getting towards the plant’s roots when you water.

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Your plant may die due to a vicious cycle of unpredictable watering. The good news is that there is a proven method for watering your fiddle leaf fig plant exactly the proper amount: only water them once a week. Set a note on your calendar to water your plant at least once a week.

Your plant will become accustomed to the environment and flourish if you keep to your weekly timetable. The nicest part of watering a plant per week is that you will have peace of mind knowing you are not overwatering.

Check that your plant is correctly potted and drains fully after every watering. Before watering, poke a wooden stick into the pot’s bottom and ensure it is not damp; a moisture meter will come in handy. If the soil is still moist the week after you last irrigated, you will need to enhance your drainage as soon as possible.

How Much Water Does A Fiddle Leaf Fig Need?

Watering may be difficult for the most devoted houseplant owners, especially for relatives of the ficus species. The Fiddle Leaf Fig is infamous for causing frustration in its owners due to its selective watering requirements. Overwatering is a common problem among new owners of these plants, and it can lead to health problems, including root rot.

Those who are afraid of drowning their Fiddle Leaf Figs due to overwatering. It can be difficult to figure out how much water your fiddle leaf fig needs or to create a watering regimen. The plant will die if it is overwatered, and it will suffer from various difficulties if it is under watered.

The key is to strike a balance; watering the fiddle leaf figs is also dependent on the plant’s size. Fiddle Leaf Figs have to be watered each week properly to suit their love of natural daylight. You will want to vary the volume of water you give the plant based on its size and thus the thickness of the roots.

A useful tip is to wait till the upper 2 to 3 inches of soil are completely dry before watering the plant. This implies watering till water drips out the bottom if it is in a container with a draining hole. However, do not leave the drip tray filled with water for long periods, as it encourages root rot.

Overwatering is a problem that affects mostly all potted plants and can become serious and fatal if not addressed promptly. If you continually overwater a fiddle leaf, the roots might rot, and your plant will begin to wilt.

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How Often To Water Fiddle Leaf Fig In Winter

Fiddle Leaf Figs may last up to ten days before being watered; the amount of water this plant receives directly impacts its ability to thrive. Understanding if your Fiddle Leaf Fig needs water is perhaps the most crucial information you will have to manage for it. The location of a Fiddle Leaf Fig will impact how it is cared for.

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Fiddle leaf figs do not effectively grow throughout the winter because it is their dormant period. Winter care for fiddle leaf figs is unique; to begin, ensure the fiddle leaf fig receives plenty of indirect sunlight and water. It is ideal if you do not fertilize the plant during the winter.

Maintain consistent humidity and temperature to keep the plant from being stressed. Also, keep the plant out of drafts. During the winter, fiddle leaf figs reduce their growth. Outdoor fiddle leaf figs fall dormant during the winter.

However, if you have an indoor fiddle leaf fig, this can require extra care or a variation in your typical care routine to make it through the winter. Fiddle leaf figs do not grow throughout the winter months because they are dormant. As a result, their water consumption decreases during this period.

It might be better if you did not water the plant, as you would at other times of the year. The soil takes time to dry in the winter; this is another factor that can lead to overwatering if you water traditionally. In the winter, forget about the watering schedule and inspect the soil before watering the plant.

You could use a moisture meter or put your hand into the soil to determine the moisture. If the soil seems moist or wet, do not water it. Check that the draining holes in the pot are operating properly so that any surplus water can be discharged after watering.

Final Thoughts

Summer and spring are the prime growing seasons for most plants. Your Fiddle Leaf Fig would be devoting the majority of its efforts to developing new leaves and branches at this time. You should add fertilizer to your plant’s soil to ensure that it receives most of its nutrients during this period. When watering a fiddle leaf fig, the easiest method is to start with a cup of water and modify it later. Watering should be adjusted per the plant’s size.

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