Fiddle Leaf Fig Outdoors – Can They Survive? [ANSWERED]

Do you know that most fiddle leaf fig owners keep their fiddles as houseplants? Again, a quick search on the internet will reveal tons of information on how to care for indoor fiddle leaf figs. You are probably wondering, what happens when you keep your fiddle leaf fig outdoors?

Fiddle leaf figs can survive and thrive outdoors if you stay in a tropical or semi-tropical climate. They can survive outdoors with enough light, water, appropriate warmth and humidity levels, and an ideal nutrient balance. The trick is to replicate these native conditions in your space.

Caring for a fiddle leaf fig can be complex and overwhelming, especially for a first-time plant owner. It is even harder when you place it outside. Well, fear not because this article will give you everything you should know about caring for a fiddle leaf fig outdoors.

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Can Fiddle Leaf Figs Be Outside?

Fiddle leaf figs can thrive outdoors. However, caring for fiddles outdoors is slightly harder because you cannot control the weather. Fiddle leaf figs can thrive outdoors if you live in a tropical or semi-tropical climate. For this reason, most people prefer placing them indoors because they can manage their indoor conditions to replicate the fiddle’s native environment as closely as possible.

Note that this does not mean they cannot thrive or survive outdoors. All you need is the right amount of water, plenty of light, an ideal temperature, the right humidity, and balanced nutrient levels. You can place your fiddle outdoors when the conditions are perfect and return it indoors when they are not.

Can Fiddle Leaf Figs Grow Outside?

A fiddle leaf fig can grow outside if the conditions are right. These plants thrive when planted outdoors in warm temperatures. However, it would help if you planted them in a sheltered area, so the bright light does not hinder their healthy growth. The shelter also protects them from strong winds.

They can only grow outside in warm climate zones (10 to 12). If you live in tropical or semi-tropical climates, your planted fiddle leaf figs can grow up to 50 feet tall. It’s evident that most people prefer to grow the plants indoors because they cannot replicate the plant’s native outdoor environments.

When to Put Leaf Figs Outside and Factors to Note

The best time to put fiddle leaf figs outside is during the spring and summer because they thrive in warm and humid climates. However, you must also consider various elements before moving your fiddle leaf fig outside. Below are some factors you should consider before putting your fiddle leaf figs outside.

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Temperature is one of the essential factors to consider before putting your fiddle leaf figs outside. These plants have an ideal temperature in which they thrive. Significant temperature differences can negatively impact their growth and health. For instance, a sudden temperature fall or rise can hinder the plant’s growth. Therefore, you should consider moving your fiddle leaf fig outside during the ideal temperatures. The perfect temperature for fiddle leaf figs is 60 to 750 F.


Another essential determinant for the right time to move your fiddle leaf fig outside is light. Light helps plants photosynthesize, grow, and stay healthy. Unfortunately, houseplants are typically not exposed to direct and intense sunlight. Therefore, they do not adjust to direct sunlight. A fiddle leaf fig can do well in moderate bright daylight or at least six to eight hours of bright light. Therefore, before moving your fiddle outside, ensure that the outdoor lighting is not too harsh. You can build a shade and place the plant underneath it to protect it from direct sunlight.

Draft and Heat

Be mindful of the heat blowing directly on your fig before placing it outdoors. You can protect your outdoor fiddle leaf fig from draft and heat by placing it under a shade or covering its leaves.

Amount of Water

All living things, including plants, need water to survive. However, specific plants, like fiddle leaf figs, require a particular amount of water to survive. When you move your fiddle fig outside, the amount of water it needs to survive changes due to the temperature and humidity adjustments. You can determine how much water your fiddle needs by checking the soil. If the soil dries faster, you will need to increase the water amount and vice versa.

How To Care For Fiddle Leaf Fig Outdoors

Caring for a fiddle leaf fig outdoors is more demanding than indoors. It’s because lack of proper care can hinder your plant from growing and eventually cause death. Below are some effective tips for caring for your fiddle leaf fig outdoors.

Check The Water Levels In The Soil

You can easily care for your fiddle outdoors by constantly checking its soil and water levels. For example, you can check the water levels in the ground by inserting two fingers inside the soil every other day. Doing this will prevent overwatering or under watering.

Be Wary Of Pets And Diseases

Outdoor plants are more prone to pests and diseases than their indoor counterparts. It is wise to be keen on common plant pests and diseases, like aphids, powdery mildew, and bacterial infections. If you notice any pests and diseases on your plant, treat it with a natural and recommended insecticide as soon as possible.

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Clean Its Leaves Monthly

Cleaning the fiddle leaves with a damp cloth at least once a month can protect your plant from spider mites. These insects latch to the leaves and feed on them.

Regular Pruning And Lopping

Pruning involves cutting away dead, infested, or overgrown branches and stems from your plant to promote healthy growth. It is a critical part of outdoor plant care and maintenance. On the other hand, lopping is indiscriminately cutting away leaves and branches that are not large enough or stunted.

Fiddle Leaf Fig Outdoors FAQs

Most people grow their fiddle leaf figs indoors. Therefore, there isn’t much information about fiddle leaf figs outdoors as indoors. Below are some of the most commonly asked questions about outdoor fiddle leaf figs and their straightforward answers.

What Is The Fiddle Leaf Fig’s Outdoor Temperature Tolerance?

The ideal temperature range for growing fiddle leaf figs is 60 to 750F. However, they can survive temperatures up to 500F for a short period. Interestingly, fiddles can withstand up to 1000F with ease; extreme temperature changes can hinder your fiddle’s growth.

Can You Put A Fiddle Leaf Fig Outside?

Yes, you can put a fiddle leaf fig outside if the climatic conditions are right. For instance, you can put it out in winter when temperatures exceed 600F. Before putting your fiddle leaf fig outside, ensure that the humidity, light, and nutrient balance is ideal. We recommend placing the plant in the shade to protect it from direct sunlight and draft.

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Can Fiddle Leaf Figs Stand Direct Sunlight?

Indoor fiddle leaf figs do not adapt to very scorching direct sunlight. Such sunlight burns the fiddle leaves and prevents their growth. When moving your plant outside, build a shade to protect it from extensive sunlight. Note that your fiddle can develop a tolerance for direct sun and thrive after a while, so don’t panic.


Fiddle leaf figs are tropical or semi-tropical plants that mostly survive in high temperatures. Most plant owners place their fiddle fig trees indoors where they can easily replicate their native environment. However, you can move your fiddle outside in summer, provided the fiddle leaf fig outdoor conditions are right; fiddle plants can thrive outside with proper care and maintenance.

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