10 Best High Humidity Plants for Your Bathroom

Your bathroom is one of the most humid rooms in your home.  If you want to have plants in this room you will need to find ones that can stand the humidity. 

 Having houseplants in your bathroom can make them more pleasant a room, improve the air quality, and décor.  

Factors to Consider 

Your bathroom can be a good environment for houseplants as it has water handy to irrigate your houseplants and the warm, humid room is perfect for many plants.  Before you choose your plants there are three things to consider because the bathroom is not perfect all the time for some houseplants.

  • During shower time, there is always a lot of warm, humid air but when the bathroom is left empty for hours it can get much colder, especially at night.  With the wide temperature fluctuations, it is not ideal for many houseplants
  • Many bathrooms do not have but one window or none at all so that makes for low levels of sunlight.  If this is the case, do not give up because fluorescent bulbs will give your houseplants a lot of light in wavelengths that they can use.
  • Not all houseplants enjoy high humidity such as succulents, which prefer drier conditions.  If they are kept moist constantly, they will rot.  In high humidity, some plants may develop powdery mildew like evergreens.

Best High Humidity Plants for Your Bathroom

1. Rex Begonia

Rex Begonia 1

Many types of Begonias grow well in a container sitting on a shelf in the bathroom but this is one that really grows well indoors with its showy foliage.  They like the humid conditions but make sure that you do not over-water them or they will get root rot.  If they are grown just for their foliage, they need away from direct sunlight in a bright location.

2. Air plant

Air plant 2

This is a great plant for your bathroom.  Even though it is called an air plant they do need water.  You can spritz them daily and every few days you can quickly submerge then in water once or twice.  You can also hold it under the faucet but make sure that the water is not on too fast.

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About once a week, soak them in water for an hour.  Just put them in a bowl of water to soak.  They like bright indirect light with moderate to high humidity.  They work great in a planter sitting on the window sill or nearby.

3. Cast Iron Plant

Cast Iron plant

This is a hard plant to kill, which is how it got its name.  They are a low-maintenance houseplant. They do not require high humidity so they would be great in the guest bathroom that is not used all that often.  They need low, indirect light.  They have medium-green foliage.

4. Bromeliads


These plants produce blooms that last for several weeks and are suited for the humidity in a bathroom.  They do need good air circulation which you can give them by running the bathroom exhaust fan a few hours a day. 

They have red or pink flowers and dark green foliage.  Many of the species of Bromeliads are able to draw moisture from the air instead of the soil so if you forget to water them for a couple of days it will not hurt.  This is why they are great for bathrooms; they get their water from the humid air.

5. Chinese Evergreen

Chinese Evergreen

The tropical perennials have large leaves and will thrive even if you forget to water it for several days.  It loves humidity but can also tolerate dry air.  Depending on the variety, it can grow from 10 inches to 4 feet.  They like low, indirect light.

6. Peace Lily

peace lilly

This elegant plant requires minimal care and does best with regular watering.  They also like the humidity of the bathroom.  They also do well in limited lighting.  They have glossy green foliage with white flowers but if you want them to flower they may need more light.

7. Weeping Fig

Weeping Fig

If you have room in your bathroom for a small tree, this would be the ideal plant.  It likes humidity but does not like sudden temperature changes.  They prefer bright, indirect light and have glossy green leaves and there are some variegated varieties/

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8. Alocasia


This houseplant enjoys high humidity and bright, indirect light.  This is also a genus of which there are 79 species.  It is also known as the “Elephant Ear.  They are a tropical plant that has tall stems, arrow-shaped leaves, and can grow 8-10 feet tall so if you put this in your bathroom, you need to make sure that you have room for this tall plant in your bathroom.

9. Tradescantia Zebrina

Tradescantia Zebrina

This is a beautiful purple trailing plant that works well in a hanging basket.  This is a plant that will survive and thrive in your bathroom due to the higher humidity levels.  It is a fast-growing houseplant with boldly colored leaves.  It does need to have bright, indirect light, and the soil needs to be kept moist.

10. Monstera

Monstera 1

With its ironic leaves, it makes this a stunning plant.  It can thrive in many different environments and though it likes brighter, indirect light it can handle low-light like your bathroom.  It can also hand humidity.  The Monstera is a genus and there are 45 species of flowering plants.  The leaves of these species have natural holes in them.  They are a vining plant and love to trail over a pot so this would be a great hanging plant.

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There are more than ten houseplants that would thrive and survive in your bathroom.  Check online and you will be pleasingly surprised at how many there are.  Read online at the many varieties you can choose to put in your bathroom.  As said, they not only beautify the room but will also help to clean the air.  If you have no shelves to place plants choose one that can be grown in a hanging basket as there is always a corner of the room in which to hang a basket.

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