Golden Dewdrop Care & Growing Guide

Golden Dewdrop

The Golden Dewdrop plant is uniquely beautiful when in full bloom. This plant is very popular all across the country because of its colorful flowers. It is also incredibly easy to grow and maintain. If you want to grow a plant that is gorgeous but low-maintenance, this is a great overall option. Golden Dewdrop Care … Read more

China Doll Plant Care & Growing Guide

china doll plant in a yard flowers

The China Doll plant is incredibly popular for a number of good reasons.  You’ll quickly find that this plant doesn’t take much effort to grow, but there are some complicated aspects to consider. Before you get started with growing your China Doll plant, you’ll want to read this article. China Doll Plant Care & Growing … Read more

False Aralia Plant Care & Growing Guide

aralia elegantissima

The False Aralia plant’s uniquely beautiful foliage will be sure to make the landscaping around your home look even nicer. This plant is also great for keeping indoors, making it incredibly versatile. Whether you want to enhance the look of your home’s interior or exterior, this plant has a lot to offer. False Aralia Plant … Read more

Obedient Plant Care & Growing Guide

Dainty mauve flowers

The Obedient plant is colorful and could be just the thing you need to brighten up your garden. There are a number of things that you will need to know about this plant before getting started, as it can be somewhat finicky. The more you learn about this plant, the easier it will be to … Read more

Angel Wing Begonia Care & Growing Guide

angel wing begonia red flowers

The Angel Wing Begonia has some very unique leaves and isn’t very tricky to grow.  This plant gets its name from the shape of its leaves, and it makes for a great addition to any home’s landscaping. We will go in depth with how to grow and care for this plant in this article. Angel … Read more

Arrowhead Plant Care & Growing Guide


The Arrowhead plant is a popular indoor plant, as it is very easy to care for. This plant has different colored leaves that are quite beautiful. Whether you want a new plant for the inside of your house or in your garden, this is a great choice to consider. Arrowhead Plant Care & Growing Guide … Read more

Thryallis Plant Care & Growing Guide


The Thryallis plant offers the perfect addition to just about any garden. You will quickly discover just how beautiful and easy to care for it is. It is, however, important that you take the time to learn as much as possible about it. This information will allow you to nurture your plant properly. Thryallis Plant … Read more

Moses in the Cradle Plant Care & Growing Guide

Moses in the Cradle Plant growing in a desert

Moses in the Cradle plant is not very challenging to grow or maintain whatsoever.  If you want a houseplant that will enhance the aesthetic of your home’s interior year round, this is a great choice. Before you start growing this plant, there are a number of things you’ll need to be aware of. Moses in … Read more

Rock Cress Flowers (Aubrieta deltoidea) Care Guide

Rock Cress flowers

The Rock Cress is an amazingly beautiful plant that is small enough to where anyone should be able to grow it. If you want to make an addition to your rock garden, this is definitely one option to consider. This article will help you grow and nurture this plant properly. Rock Cress Flowers Care & … Read more

Stromanthe Triostar Care & Growing Guide

stromanthe triostar plant

Stromanthe Triostar is a beautiful plant with very colorful foliage that will be sure to make your home look much nicer, inside or out. It is an incredibly popular choice, especially among gardening beginners. This article will help you to take good care of this plant over the long term. Stromanthe Triostar Care & Growing … Read more

Peperomia Plant Care & Growing Guide

Watermelon Peperomia

Peperomia plants make for a great way to make the inside of our home more aesthetically pleasing. These plants can be grown under a variety of conditions, making them for perfect for beginners. If you want to grow a new houseplant, this one is a good choice for numerous reasons. Peperomia Plant Care & Growing … Read more

Clematis Care & Growing Guide

clematis care

If you want to grow a clematis plant, there are some very specific things you will need to know. This plant will make an excellent part of your home’s landscaping. It will add some nice color to your home’s exterior. While it can be somewhat high maintenance, it is well worth the effort. Clematis Care … Read more

Corn Plant (Mass Cane) Care & Growing Guide

mass cane

Corn plants are excellent for beginners because of how incredibly easy they are to care for. These make for great houseplants, and they can really improve the overall flow of your home’s interior. We will take a close look at everything you need to know about growing this plant and taking care of it. Corn … Read more

Crested Euphorbia Plant Care & Growing Guide

Crested Euphorbia

The Crested Euphorbia plant has a truly unique look that is unlike anything else on the planet. This is a very popular plant for many reasons, including the fact that it is easy to care for. If you want to add to your cacti collection, this is an incredible overall choice. Crested Euphorbia Plant Care … Read more

Pothos vs Philodendron – How to tell the difference

Pothos vs Philodendron

It can be difficult to tell the difference between a pothos and a philodendron plant if you don’t know what to look for. In this article, you will learn about some of the key things that make these plants unique. Once you have this information, you won’t have any trouble telling them apart. Differences between … Read more

Purple Waffle Plant Care & Growing guide

purple waffle plant

The Purple Waffle plant can help keep the air inside your home clean while enhancing the overall aesthetics. There are, however, a number of things that you will need to know about growing and caring for these plants. This is one of the best botanical additions you can make to your home. Purple Waffle Plant … Read more

Pothos Plant Care & Growing Guide

pothos plant growing

If you want to grow a nice looking houseplant without much effort, the pothos plant is a great choice. These plants don’t require a great deal of maintenance or upkeep, so they are perfect for those with a busy schedule. In this article, you’ll learn how to care for this plant effectively. Pothos Plant Care … Read more