Crested Euphorbia Plant Care & Growing Guide

The Crested Euphorbia plant has a truly unique look that is unlike anything else on the planet.

This is a very popular plant for many reasons, including the fact that it is easy to care for.

If you want to add to your cacti collection, this is an incredible overall choice.

Crested Euphorbia Plant Care & Growing Guide

1. Light Requirement

If you are keeping your crested euphorbia inside, it will need to get direct sunlight for 4-5 hours each day. Make sure that you do not expose this plant to direct light when the sun is at its brightest in the afternoon.

2. Water

You will want to water this plant just once each week or two in the spring and summer months. You can reduce the frequency of your watering to only once a month during the fall and winter months.

Cacti like this one are known for being able to go long periods of time without any water whatsoever. These types of plants do not rot in the fall or winter if they are excessively moist.

If you aren’t sure if your plant needs a drink of water, just feel the top 2-4 inches of the soil. If the soil feels very dry, you’ll want to water it. If it feels moist, you can probably hold off at least a little bit longer.

When your plant starts to droop, you know you are not watering it enough. The crest can become irreversibly damaged, so you want to avoid this altogether. Conversely, over watering this plant can lead to root rot, which is equally serious.

3. Climate

Crested euphorbia plants are native to tropical climates. They are capable of surviving in the shade or full sunlight. As we mentioned above, you should make a point of shielding this plant from the sun when it is brightest. These plants can be grown all year round in climate zones 10 to 11.

4. Soil

This plant needs to be kept in cactus plotting mix to survive. There are also gritty soils that these plants can live in. Make sure that whichever soil you choose for your plant drains extremely well. You’ll also want to have some compost in with the soil so that it gets all the nutrients it needs.

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You won’t have to worry too much about the pH level of the soil. You can put these plants in semi-acidic to semi-alkaline soil with no issues at all.

Crested Euphorbia Plant

5. Temperature

Crested Euphorbia plants need to be kept at a temperature of 60 to 85 degrees at all times. The more consistent the temperature is, the healthier it will become. If you are growing your plant outside in a very hot region, you’ll need to make sure it has decent shade.

You definitely don’t want to keep this plant in temperatures below 50s. The minimum temperature is around 60 degrees Fahrenheit, so keep that in mind. If you keep it outside and the weather starts getting chillier, bring it inside.

6. Repotting

You can keep this plant in its pot for a very long time before having to worry about repotting. Check to see if it has become rootbound before doing this, as it might not be necessary.

If the roots look tangled up, you’ll want to transfer it into a pot that is just a little bigger than the one it’s currently in. You should also make a point of putting in additional potting mix.

7. Speed of Growth

These plants grow very slowly, which is why repotting is not something you’ll have to deal with often at all.

8. Height and Spread

These cacti can grow up to 8 inches tall and 10 inches wide. This is a great houseplant because it is doesn’t take up a ridiculous amount of space. It should also be quite easy for you to find a place for it outside or in your greenhouse.

9. Flowers

It is very uncommon for the Crested Euphorbia to produce any flowers at all. These flowers are very small and have a pink or purple coloration.

10. Trimming

You will need to cut back the stems of this plant down to the base once they bloom over the spring and summer months. This doesn’t take much effort, but it is very important.

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Crested Euphorbia Plant (2)

Is the Crested Euphorbia Plant Poisonous?

You will need to keep in mind that the sap of this plant is considered to be extremely toxic to both humans and common household pets. You should therefore be careful about keeping it around the house if you have any small children, dogs or cats.

Can Crested Euphorbia Grow in Water?

This plant absolutely cannot be grown in water. It comes from a very dry region of the world, so this is impossible.

How to get Crested Euphorbia to Flower

It is very hard to get this plant to flower, but you might be able to do so by keeping it inside at a consistent temperature. You also need to make certain that it gets just the right amount of water.

Common Crested Euphorbia Diseases

Excessive moisture can cause this plant to develop root rot or a fungal rot of some kind. This is why it is so important that you not give it too much water.

There are also a number of pests that can become a problem with this type of plant, such as spider mites and mealybugs. There are a lots of different products that you can spray on your plant to keep these pests away.


  • The Crested Euphorbia plant needs about four hours of direct sunlight every day.
  • You should not expose this plant to direct light when the sun is at its brightest.
  • These plants only need to be watered once or twice in the spring and summer months.
  • You can water this plant just once a month in the fall and winter months.
  • Make sure that this plant is kept in a cactus potting mix.
  • This plant does best when kept at a steady temperature between 60 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Check to see if the roots of the plant are tangled before repotting it.
  • If you do repot this plant, make sure that you add a little more soil and put it in a slightly larger container.
  • It is not common for this plant to flower, but its flowers are bright and beautiful.
Crested Euphorbia Plant Care