Are Rubber Plants Toxic to Cats? Will My Cat Eat Them?

are rubber plants toxic to cats

Rubber plants are common household plants in Asia and some other regions. These plants are undoubtedly beautiful and would certainly add to your home’s indoor decoration. However, if you own a cat, it is essential to know if these plants are safe around your pet or pose any threat.  Of course, rubber plants are toxic … Read more

Yellow Pilea Leaves – Reasons & Treatments

Pilea plants

The Pilea plant, also known as the Chinese Money plant and the Friendship plant, is an adaptable plant with distinctive coin shaped leaves. They are fast growing and make a great plant for beginners. Thought to bring wealth and good fortune to the owners, the Pilea plant is often used as a housewarming gift.  We … Read more

Yellow Monstera Leaves – Reasons & Treatments

yellow Monstera leafs

Monstera plants are known by many names, most commonly the Swiss Cheese Plant. They are easy plants to care for, as they are well adapted to survive in all different sorts of conditions. If you have a Monstera plant, you may have noticed that its leaves are turning yellow at least once. There are several … Read more

8 Mistakes That Can Kill Your Houseplants

dead plant 1

Not everyone has a green thumb and no matter what they do, they cannot keep their houseplants alive. The question is, what are they doing to kill their houseplant?  Read on to find this answer to this question. Mistakes That Can Kill Your Houseplants 1. Over-watering This is usually the reason that your plants die.  … Read more

Yellow Dracaena Leaves – Reasons & Treatments

Yellow Dracaena leafs

Dracaenas are known as the dragon tree due to their sword-like red-edged leaves. They are popular houseplants that do not require a lot of care. They are often kept in the home or office for their attractive foliage. Tolerant to low light and easy to grow, these small trees can grow to up to 20 … Read more

Yellow Philodendron Leaves – Reasons & Treatments

sick Philodendron leaf

The Philodendron comes in both climbing and non-climbing varieties and can add a beautiful jungle-like appeal to your home. They are tough and resilient houseplants that are fairly easy to care for and will thrive under the right conditions.  If your Philodendron’s leaves are turning yellow, it could be from a number of causes. You … Read more

10 Best Indoor Houseplants for the Bedroom

The Best Indoor Houseplants for the Bedroom e1602990225928

The bedroom is where research states you spend a third of your life so it should be a haven for you.   A place of peace, warm colors, and quiet where you can re-energize your body and mind.  Plants can give you a sense of serenity and help you with insomnia.  They can also help purify … Read more

8 Indoor Plants for Low Light

8 Indoor Plants for Low Light

All plants need light to grow, thrive, and bloom with some needing less than others.  For any gardener, low light conditions are always a challenge.   Even plants that can do well in the shade outdoors will need more light when they are grown indoors.  Read on to find out the plants you can grow indoors … Read more

10 Best High Humidity Plants for Your Bathroom

10 Best High Humidity Plants for Your Bathroom

Your bathroom is one of the most humid rooms in your home.  If you want to have plants in this room you will need to find ones that can stand the humidity.   Having houseplants in your bathroom can make them more pleasant a room, improve the air quality, and décor.   Factors to Consider  Your bathroom … Read more

8 Best Indoor Trees That Thrive in Low Light

8 Best Indoor Trees That Thrive in low Light e1602903531797

Houseplants and indoor trees add greenery and warmth to a room. They will even help to clean and filter the air.    With indoor trees, their size can fill up more area than a houseplant but most homes have more low light than direct light so what should you do?  Which trees would work there?  Read on … Read more

Top 10 Indoor & House Plant Care Tips

houseplants 1

Taking care of house plants can be tricky as there are multiple things that you need to take into consideration. You need to know how much light they need, do they need fertilizer, how to water them, and more. In this article, you will find tips to help take care of your houseplants so they … Read more

10 Easiest Seeds to Start Growing Indoors

planting seeds

One reason that people start seeds indoors is so they can get a jump start on the gardening season.  This is especially good to do if you live in a region with short growing seasons.  It will give you a few more weeks of growing time. The question is which seeds are the easiest to … Read more

Yellow ZZ Plant Leaves – Reasons & Treatments

yellow zz plant leaves

The ZZ plant is from Africa and though it does not require a tropical environment to survive you try to keep it the environment somewhat like its a natural place. One day, you notice that its leaves are turning yellow but you are not sure why.  This article will help to answer that question. The … Read more

How to Grow Aloe From Seeds

How To Grow Aloe From Seeds

Aloe plants can successfully be grown from seeds indoors. Harvest the seeds from mature aloe plants and sow in moistened sandy soil.  Using a plant dome or plastic bag will ensure proper humidity for proper germination. Maintain warm temperatures and bright light for at least 2-4 weeks before repotting.  How to Grow Aloe From Seeds … Read more

Yellow Stromanthe Leaves – Reasons & Treatments

yellow Stromanthe

The Stromanthe is a leafy tropical plant in the prayer plant family. These plants are unique in that they fold in on themselves at night. They are eye catching with their full variegate leaves in striations of different pink hues. They require conditions that mimic those of a rainforest, so humidity, natural light, and soil … Read more

How to Grow Grapes in Containers or Pots

How to grow grapes in containerspots

Grapes are generally viewed as crop plants, but will grow enthusiastically in containers in most zones.  Container grapes will require a large pot with excellent drainage, full sun, and a strong, durable trellis. Careful pruning will yield the most productive plants. Mildew and fungus are common issues that can be mitigated with good air circulation … Read more

Yellow Pothos Leaves – Reasons & Treatments

yellow Pothos

The Pothos, also called the Money Plant or the Devil’s Ivy, is a hardy plant often mistaken for the Philodendron. It is one of the simplest indoor plants to grow.  Even people who serially forget to water their plants can keep a Pothos plant alive, which makes them very appealing as houseplant. They are often … Read more

How to Transplant & Move a Crepe Myrtle

How to transplant Move a crepe myrtles e1602729006317

Crepe myrtles are beautiful flowering trees that can reach 15-25 feet in height. They thrive best in hardiness zones 7-9.  Transplanting a tree is never easy, but a crepe myrtle may be more likely to survive the move, as they are less sensitive to root loss. If you are considering moving your crepe myrtle, there … Read more