Dieffenbachia (Dumb Cane) Care & Growing Guide

dumb cane in a shop

This hardy, medium-sized plant has a bad reputation as a poisonous plant.  But it is an excellent house plant with marbled green and white leaves. Dumb Cane Care & Growing Guide 1. Light Requirement The dieffenbachia needs bright indirect light, whether it is indoors or outdoors. Do not keep it in either the shade or … Read more

Cordyline Plant Care & Growing Guide

Cordyline plant

One of a kind plants don’t come around that often, but you can be sure that the Cordyline Plant is one of them! Its leaves have a unique color that makes it stand out from all the other plants with their dull green leaves. The flowers of this plant may not look very nice, but … Read more

How to Get Rid of Root Aphids

Root Aphids

Root aphids may be small, but they’re destructive in large numbers. To ignore the first signs of root aphids is to kiss your plants goodbye. They bury themselves into the soil and attack the roots, which is the most delicate part of any plant. They are a menace to every gardener. If they’re not your … Read more

Umbrella Plants Care & Growing Guide

umbrella plant small one

There are two types of umbrella plants, the Schefflera and the Heptapleurum.  Despite their differences, each plant is an easy, low maintenance houseplant that improves any room they’re in. These plants can grow to amazing heights if they’re outdoors and can touch the ceiling if they’re indoors too. The Schefflera plant comes all the way … Read more

Celosia Plant (Cockscomb) Care & Growing Guide


Strong, tall, and colorful, the Celosia plant can steal the show in every garden that it is in. You can use this plant as a decorative hedge or part of a garden’s design. The flower of this plant comes in red, orange, pink, and yellow, so you’ll have plenty of color variety. Celosia Plant Care … Read more

Blue Star Fern: Plant Care & Growing Guide

Blue star fern

If you want a cute and hardy plant to decorate the tables and desks of your home, then you have found the right plant! The blue star fern is small and cute and grows wildly. But it’s care and management might be out of a beginner gardener’s level, because this plant grows on other plants! … Read more

Yucca Elephantipes Care & Growing Guide

Yucca elephantipes ugly one

This tree is known as the giant yucca, for a good reason.  It is very tall, and it towers over evergreen trees. Its trunk is big and sturdy. This plant is found all over South America and the Caribbean. Yucca Elephantipes Care & Growing Guide 1. Light Requirement Since the yucca is a desert plant, … Read more

Dwarf Ixora: Plant Care & Growing Guide

Dwarf Ixora flower

This small but hardy plant can add a lot of color to your indoor plant collection or your garden outside. It loves acidic soil and temperatures that don’t change widely. It can also make an excellent present for those wanting to start their own flower garden.  Dwarf Ixora Care & Growing Guide 1. Light requirements … Read more

Rubber plant Care & Growing Guide

Rubber plant in interior

Rubber plants, also known as rubber figs, are wild-growing desert plants that can reach up to a hundred feet long. Rubber plant Care & Growing Guide 1. Light Requirement If your rubber plant is indoors, do not put the rubber plant in direct sunlight. The sun’s rays are too strong. Place the plant in a … Read more

Epiphyllum Plant Care & Growing Guide

pink Epiphyllum flower

Epiphyllum plants are part of the cactus family, and there are about 19 varieties to care for. These cactus plants have flowers growing from them. These plants and not like succulent because they need more attention and care.  Epiphyllum Plant Care & Growing Guide 1. Light requirements An Epiphyllum plant should not be in direct … Read more

Chrysanthemum Care & Growing Guide

Chrysanthemum in a garden

Chrysanthemums are beautiful plants that decorate any garden that they reside in.  Their flowers bloom and carpet the ground. Even Disneyland loves chrysanthemums for their beautiful blooms. There are many different types of chrysanthemums out there in the world, and each one is unique and gorgeous. Chrysanthemum Care & Growing Guide 1. Light Requirement Chrysanthemums … Read more

Peperomia Obtusifolia Care & Growing Guide

Peperomia obtusifolia

Peperomia obtusifolia, which is also known as the American Rubber plant, is a hardy succulent that can decorate any home or garden. It is low maintenance, and it stores its water in its leaves, that’s why they’re so thick. Peperomia Obtusifolia Care & Growing Guide 1. Light requirements Direct, intense sunlight is not ideal for … Read more

Hyacinth Flowers Care & Growing Guide

Hyacinth flowers purple white pink

Hyacinth flowers are known for their gorgeous coloring and long, full bloom.  They’re mostly planted in the spring, and the color of its flowers range from a vibrant pink to a soft white and a striped blue. Hyacinth Flowers Care & Growing Guide 1. Light Requirement This plant needs to be in full sun because … Read more

Dwarf Korean Lilac Care & Growing Guide

Dwarf Korean lilac

The Dwarf Korean Lilac, also known as the Miss Kim Lilac, is a beautiful purple flower that must be cared for with the greenest of thumbs. A delicate dance of moisture, basic soil, and pest control must come together to keep this lilac alive. This flowering bush is not for the impatient gardener. Dwarf Korean … Read more

Sansevieria Moonshine Care & Growing Guide

Sansevieria Moonshine

Very few plants can survive a range of waterings, temperatures, and climate. But this moonshine plant is just strong and sturdy enough to prosper whenever it is. This plant is excellent for people who have a hard time keeping their plants alive.  Sansevieria Moonshine Care & Growing Guide 1. Light requirements The best type of … Read more

Spider Plant (Chlorophytum) Care & Growing Guide

The spider plant is named this because of its long dangly leaves that look like spider legs.

The spider plant is named this because of its long dangly leaves that look like spider legs.  It is a trendy house plant around North America. Although rare, this plant can produce flowers if the conditions are right and the flowers look like baby spiders. Propagating this plant is easy, as offset bulbs quickly grow … Read more

Monstera Adansonii Care & Growing Guide

Monstera adansonii e1587969285197

This strong and hardy plant makes a great office companion or house plant. The vibrant green leaves add color to any room and its leaves are a must-see to believe. Monstera Adansonii Care & Growing Guide 1. Light requirements The Monstera plant likes to be around bright but indirect light. If it’s beneath direct light … Read more

Christmas Cactus Care & Growing Guide

christmas cactus closeup red flowers

The Christmas cactus is an absolute treat to have as part of your indoor or outdoor garden.  It produces bright pink flowers that are delicate and bloom during Christmas time! Despite being a cactus, it is not dangerous or painful to handle. Christmas Cactus Care & Growing Guide 1. Light Requirement This plant should be … Read more

Haworthia Cooperi Care & Growing Guide

Haworthia Cooperi

This cute little plant is the perfect desk companion for when you’re stuck at work during the night. Its tiny features are adorable, and it makes you want to pick it up and hug it. It doesn’t grow very tall at all, and sometimes, your thumb is bigger than the plant. Haworthia Cooperi Care & … Read more

Poinsettia Care & Growing Guide

poinsettia christmas tree decoration

You’ll know the Poinsettia the moment you see it. It is a very popular flower to decorate homes and give as presents around Christmas.  It has bright red flowers all over it, and they grow well in most warm zones and indoors. Poinsettia Care & Growing Guide 1. Light Requirement This plant needs a high … Read more

Lantana Plant Care & Growing Guide

lantana flowers

This colorful plant makes a great addition to any garden or front yard. It’s most beautiful in the height of spring when it’s multicolored flowers bloom. However, if you get close enough to smell these flowers, you’ll notice this plant gives off a peppery scent. Don’t sneeze! Lantana Plant Care & Growing Guide 1. Light … Read more

Blue Star Creeper Care & Growing guide

blue star creeper flowers

Because of its colorful flowers and short height, many people use this plant as a substitute for grass. Its beautiful blue flowers are a welcome change to the standard grass we all know. It’s a simple plant that is hardy and hard to kill. The flowers have no fragrance, so it won’t provoke your allergies.  … Read more

Amazon Lily Care & Growing guide

amazon lily closeup

If you want a flowering plant that is truly a showstopper, then you need to add the amazon lily to your indoor or outdoor garden. It is a popular gift flower and can be found in many flower shops and grocery stores that sell bouquets.  Amazon Lily Care & Growing guide 1. Light requirements Full … Read more

Oyster: Plant Care & Growing Guide

Oyster Plant purple green

The Oyster Plant is easy to grow and very colorful, making it an excellent choice for most people.  There really isn’t anything about this plant that makes it difficult to care for. If you want to introduce some bright foliage to your garden, this is an option that you’ll want to learn all about. Oyster … Read more

Strawflower Care & Growing Guide

Strawflower white

The Strawflower plant is an extremely low maintenance option for those who want to add color and vibrancy to their garden. While it looks like a daisy, this plant unique in a number of interesting ways. You will be glad for all of your work and care once it finally blooms. Strawflower Care & Growing … Read more

Teddy Bear Vine: Plant Care & Growing Guide

Cyanotis Kewensis

The Teddy Bear Vine is a truly unique plant in many ways.  The color and shape of its leaves are unlike any other flora on the planet. If you are interested in adding another plant to your landscaping, there are lots of things about this one you’ll want to know about. Teddy Bear Vine Care … Read more

Spike Moss (Selaginella) Care & Growing Guide

Selaginella spike moss

Spike Moss is an interesting plant that is perfect for complimenting your garden area. While this plant has quite a bit in common with ferns, there are also a number of unique characteristics. This is definitely one type of plant that you’ll want to consider growing for numerous reasons. Spike Moss Care & Growing Guide … Read more