Snow White Waffle Plant: [Complete Care Guide]

When looking for the best house plants, homeowners tend to go for those that need the least care. We can all agree that some plants that require complex care tend to die faster since most owners are not expert planters or do not have the time for complex and continuous care. This simple snow white waffle plant care guide makes it easy to stay with this houseplant.

The key to snow white waffle plant care is keeping it in a warm environment but away from direct sunlight as it burns its leaves. Also, care for it by propagating and fertilizing it twice annually during its blooming season. Frequent watering & planting in porous soil also help the plant grow healthy.

The snow white waffle plant is a fantastic house plant choice for plant owners that do not have experience or enough time to dedicate to plant care. This perennial plant has low water and light requirements. That notwithstanding, you still need to know how to care for this plant, hence the guide below.

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Understanding The Snow White Waffle Plant

It is a perennial plant whose botanical name is Hemiprahic alterna. The Indian and Indonesian native plant contains green leaves with slightly vibrant traces of white and pink. This perennial plant buds with white florae in the late spring and early summer.

It grows up to 6 inches in height and 12 inches in width. Thanks to its small size, this perennial plant is a popular indoor plant commonly placed beneath taller plants. It is also worth mentioning that this fascinating plant is an air purifier. Also, it is slightly toxic when ingested by humans or animals.

Tips And Tricks For Snow White Waffle Plant Care

This plant lacks a demanding care routine when compared to many indoor plants. But that does not mean it requires 100% neglect. A little care will help the plant thrive, continue growing steadily, and keep it looking beautiful. Here are some care tips for these waffle plants.

Water The Plant Weekly

One of the keys to caring for the white waffle plant is ensuring that it gets the right amount of water. You should water the plant at least weekly. It needs more frequent watering during its active growing season (late spring to early summer). Also, you should provide it with more water on warmer days. The trick is to ensure that its soil is constantly and evenly moist.

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We recommend you water the plant as soon as the soil begins to dry. Failure to water the plant sufficiently will cause its leaves to wilt. You will realize that the wilting leaves usually come back to life as soon as you feed the plant more water. You need not worry much about the leaves drying at some point.

Avoid Cold Temperatures

The snow white waffle plant thrives in warm temperatures between 21 to 24 degrees Celsius. So, on warmer days, you should place it in partial shade where it can enjoy the warmth without risking damage from direct sunlight. On the other hand, in colder months, you should move it temporarily to a warmer space in your house, like your bathroom.

Plant It In Porous Soil

The white waffle plants thrive in porous soil that drains out excess water. Ensure to keep the soil moist but not soggy to prevent moisture-related diseases such as root rot. Also, it would help to add more soil to your plant once after a few months because the constant watering will cause soil thinning.

Apply The Fertilizer A Few Times

One of the best things about this perennial plant is that they do not need frequent fertilizer application during growth phases. However, they do need to be fertilized a few times annually. Experts recommend that you apply fertilizer to the plant’s soil during its blooming season. A potted plant fertilizer will do the trick.

Propagate During The Blooming Period

To propagate is to create new plants from an existing one. Propagating the snow white waffle plant is as simple as cutting 3-4 inches from its healthy stem and growing it in a separate container with healthy porous soil. Plant propagators recommend doing this in late spring or at the beginning of summer when the plant grows fastest.

Keep The Plant Indoors

Some houseplant owners take their plants outside sometimes, depending on the weather. However, these waffle plants do better indoors because you can control their exposure to light and heat.

Prune The Plant When Necessary

Pruning is also a great way to care for your snow white waffle indoor plant. If you notice dead leaves or branches on your waffle plant, you should use a sharpened tool like cutters to remove them. Also, you should consider pruning if you notice any crisscrossing branches. In this case, pruning will ensure that all the leaves and branches get enough light and air circulation.

Check The Plant For Diseases

You should also care for this good-looking indoor plant by closely checking it for pests and diseases. If you notice any pests, eliminate them by spraying water. However, if water does not work, you can try a mild insecticide that will not harm your plant.

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Also, you can prevent pest infestations by keeping your plant in a room free from filth. Make it a habit to check and treat your houseplant whenever you notice common diseases. Some of these diseases will spread to other indoor plants when not contained, and that is not what you want.

Does Snow White Waffle Plant Light Exposure Matter?

Yes. This particular plant has specific light exposure requirements. It needs medium to bright sunlight to maintain bright and vibrant leaves. Insufficient light causes its leaves to fade. Appropriate light also helps the plant to grow faster.

Also, the plant does not need exposure to direct sunlight because it burns its leaves. The best thing to do is to place the plant close to the window or an opening where it can get indirect access to light. Creating a partial shade for the plant would be wise if you want to grow it outside. Note that this is harder than placing it indoors.

What Do Snow White Waffle Plant Crispy Leaves Mean?

Unlike most plants out there, this plant has higher water demands. Failing to meet these demands will cause the leaves to become crispy. You can resolve the issue by feeding the plant more water, but not in excess. Lack of water will result in the leaves turning brown or yellow and later crispy and dry.

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Snow White Waffle Plant Cats And Dogs Toxicity Explained

The waffle plant is slightly toxic to cats and dogs. The plant is only toxic when consumed—consuming high amounts of this plant causes vomiting, tremors, undue salivation, and fatigue in dogs and cats. Note that the symptoms worsen with the amount consumed. Keeping the plant away from your curious furry companions is the way to go.


The plant is preferred among new and seasoned houseplant owners because of its low care demands. However, as you look forward to adding this plant to your home, it helps to learn a few things about the best care practices.

Proper care for the snow white waffle plant will keep the plant healthy and alive for longer. Also, good maintenance will help the plant grow faster. Simply put, the key to mastering the care for this plant is learning about its light, water, soil, and temperature demands. Try out the tips in this article, and you will be a happy indoor plant owner.